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Can You Set The Video Device Via Ez-Script

I have a little project I'm working on that would require JD to take a look and traffic cameras.

I have 11 cam in the database. The links look like this.

for example this is the link to the riverside drive cam.

i can put it in the video source and it works fine. I would like to stop the cam , change video source , restart the cam and analyze the video.

I would also like to do something like this with the security video at the house.

so JD can look and see out back ,, in the garage,, driveway etc.

That said. If this is not a feature of ARC .. I would like to recommend it at this point.


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You can use ControlCommand() to start and stop the camera (see the Control tab in EZ-Script for the click & paste code).

However you cannot specify the address of the camera from EZ-Script. The only method I can think of, however do not believe it would work but cannot check it, is to use a variable in the camera address and change that each time.

Changing the camera would render JD blind while looking at another camera though and you can run multiple cameras in one ARC. In fact, you could just start and stop the relevant camera control as required.


So far I am using 2 camera controls .. One for the cam on JD and the other is the one i would like to change. Rather than have 8 boxes open for 8 possible cams it would be nice to do this.

I will be making a small video for JD Vission Update. and wanted to include that. I will make it with the one additional camera for now.

@DJ Sure , what are you thoughts on this brother?

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Try the variable idea (I would but not on a PC with ARC at the moment).

Put the Address for the camera as $CameraURL and use a script to change the variable;

$CameraURL1 = ""
$CameraURL2 = ""
# and so on

If($minute < 10)
  $CameraURL = $CameraURL1
ElseIf($minute < 20)
  $CameraURL = $CameraURL2
# and so on

I just threw together a scenario for changing the camera URL there but use whatever you need to. Use key presses, voice commands, whatever is needed. Just make sure $CameraURL has a value before starting the camera.


Let me see if I can make it so you can specify the address...


I will try that now @Rich thanks.. mabye DJ Sures will not have to change the application.


@Rich your idea did not work..

DJ Sure you rock man thanks for the update. I will repay you by posting code showing a bit of home security. at least way to check the baby's room from motion and such.