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Can You Init Roomba From EZ-Script?

Is it possible to click the init button on the Roomba Movement Panel through a software function?

This way, I could just power up the notebook and then the EZB and have it call the start-up script and then do the number to the Roomba so I could control the Roomba without having to hit that button. Everything done in one swift step. Also, I am finding myself having to re-initialize the Roomba Movement Panel several times during the session. This would make it easier to have a voice command to do that. I just want to know the
sequence of commands that I need to do this.

I am assuming it is easy to do if you know how.

Since, in the Roomba Movement Panel I can say:

Is is possible to say:

Thanks in Advance



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Day 3 . . .

I am talking about pressing the little INIT button on the roomba Movement Panel from an EZ script.
That might be an option that others would use. I'll add it to the list.

Why are you counting days?
Well, we can do the Roomba(init) Now!! yeh!
Why were you counting the days?
Thanks for the EXCELLENT Examples also.

I was counting days instead of Bump! to get the message to the top so someone would see it. Once a day I would push it to the top. Also, if I don't get an answer within a couple of days, I forget that I asked the question and also, what question I asked. Then , It gets lost. This way, I can remind myself of what I asked.

Hope that is ok.

You have done a FINE job!!!
No messages get Lost. I have a different view of messages than you all to ensure I see. If there is no response, wait please.

If there is still no response, wait longer.:)

I don't think people appreciate watching you count days.:) doesn't affect me because multiple messages are ignored in my message viewer - so it doesn't affect me.
Yes Sir! I won't do that again. I will be patient and wait. Thanks again for the GREAT job you and your Team has done.