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Can We Get More Virtual Ports?

Hello EZ-Robot Team..

We now have virtual ports for storing servo info in.
But they only go to 19 ,, now that we have more ports can we get that extended to match the ports.

I have some script that will need to store and recall the positions of servos after a selected task is complete.

Thanks in advance for all your awesome help!

Also if anyone is using a work around please let me know what you are doing as I will need to emulate this until the software supports it.


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Ha, and by team you mean ME, because i'm the only developer for ARC:)

Sure, I can add that - it's an easy add!
thanks!:) it haunts me sometimes... 250,000 lines of code:P
I have 2 project i have support now that I am the only developer as well and dude your mind would spin. One used by USDOC (Department of corrections)
is now over 7 million lines of code in C#, and another almost 250k in C++

I bring that up because one of the components of this project will be helpful with robotic project. I will be making a tool for the EZB.

I am working with a few other members here and I will have speaker recognition for the ezb soon.

This is not for hearing what a person is saying but recognition of the user that is speaking.
Wow , I remember when it was 30,000 lines of code. 'Blows my mind"