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Can Pandorabot Be Upgraded To Aiml 2.0?

I have been using the Pandorabot plugin with some success. It is dated though and based on the old Alicebot I believe which is about 15 years old by the looks of the files it accesses.

The site has moved on and we are using a backdoor to access now. They have implemented AIML 2.0 which is greatly superior and the website interface has been substantially improved.

Is there any intent to upgrade this plugin? I can't imagine them maintaining the old site forever.

I use this functionality constantly. After reading the Google AI tutorials I am seeing this is not the chatbot solution. I believe the solution is out there, The plugin just needs updated to access it.



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Hi I Will publish in 3 or 4 weeks a plugin for a bot similar to pandora Synbot with features greater than aiml 2.0 So be patient i need just some time to finish the integration testings And look Jean luc


I just checked out This looks great for chatbot type things. @jlucben, thank you for taking this on and working on a plugin for it. I look forward to using it.


Cant wait for this!


I'm curious, why would Google AI not make a good chat bot?


@JustinRatliff Do you have to pay for Google AI? Because if you have to pay for it then that would be a good reason not to use it... Free works for me:)


Good to hear. I am anxious for better chat bot personality. I am curious about the SIML spec vs. the AIML spec. I was not aware it existed. Perhaps it is a construct of this company.

While writing your plugin I hope there are easy methods to make calls like you can with AIML. You have to manually edit the AIML files to insert the calls. Would be cool if it could be done via the plugin.

I don't believe Google API.AI is the way to go based on David C's posts and video on the matter.



Look at the features on the site The siml editor is powerful no need To develop éditing in plugin

SimL can be also easily extend with new spécific tags I have développed tags with interface To Wikipedia and weather api In progress tag To access translator api Microsoft a way To have french responses with vision plugin

I Will try To publish as soon as possible Doc and tutorial are in progress but not my cup of tea ....

Jean luc


Great, thank you. I read trough the site for a bit but I was at work and couldn't concentrate on it. I'll give a more thorough look. I did download their application though.

Any new developments are good. I am still interested in seeing the AIML 2.0 updated in the original Pandorabot control. I imagine it would be really easy but then again, I can't do it with my skills yet.


The more AI the better! I look forward to good news!:)



SynBot Studio seems very easy to use. Looking forward to the plugin. Any idea when it will be available?


Hi In less than 2 weeks before my holidays

I just spend more time in deeper testing and tutorial

Be patient

Jean Luc


Great to hear Jean Luc. I look forward to seeing it.

My original question still stands though about the panorabot plugin being upgraded to AIML 2.0. IS there any intent to do this? Would be really nice.


Maybe i'm wrong.

PandoraBots has two different models:

  1. Playground Registration requires a "Social account": Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo. Once you connect your social account will share details with PandoraBots no API

  2. Alaas = Artificial Intelligence as a Service Requires a Subscription Plan starting at $9 per month API is available.


Requirements 1 - User Key

In order to connect to the Pandorabots API, you have to register for a plan and await approval from an administrator. Once your account and plan have been approved, you can retrieve your user_key. This is required for all API calls, and should be kept secret.


You can still access the old site and use the old services at

ARC control is using the old pandorabots free site.

Asking for new version means changing from PandoraBots free to a paid version ?

Are my findings correct ?


Good find PTP! How did we miss this?


I see, that's the problem then. Probably not the best to integrate the pay services. Looks like I'll have to wait for something better.


Hi V0 version of my plugin is online with Linked tutorial just some hours before starting my holidays

I hope you test it and give me your feed-back



Woo - that's exciting! Can't wait to try it:D

United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,

Just found this discussion [bit late I know] but am also currently looking at the latest Pandorabot, and see that its a chargeable service, and don't want to try the older version that the site says dates back to 2105. Plus looking at Google API.AI

Whats the latest ideas for the best service to use for the InMoov?

Thanks Lorn


Use the previous service - it's great! This forum thread explains more. Have fun!


I am using the original services and it is OK. A bit of a downgrade to ProgramAB but it is workable. This thread describes why the upgrade isn't really possible. I am also trying API.AI or Dialogflow now as it is called. It is a little harder to understand and I just need to spend the time looking at it.

So to start, try using the Pandorabot 1.0 and see what you can get from it. Then move on to the more complex plugins.

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Hi DJ and Perry Thanks for you quick response, really appreciated. I will try the older Pandorabot as suggested. I have also just started with the API.AI service and its working in EZ software with its plugin, so far so good. Just now looking at the SIMLBot software as well. That looks very similar to the upgraded Pandorabot.
Thats my weekend sorted then, thanks again, enjoy yours Lorn


Hi Everyone

I'am the "Someone" who made the plugin that use the SIMLBot software.

As I have continued to add some features to this plugin , I will upgrade it in the next few days ( just some work to update the tutorial.



blush Apologies Jean-luc - I was on my phone and couldn't find the original post where you introduced the plugin to get your name. Thanks again!