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Resolved Resolved by Mickey666Maus!

Can I Use Custom Sounds To Trigger Actions?

Hello wonderful Synthiam-ians!

While I see some back and forth on this from years ago, I’m wondering if there is a simple way of having our EZ-robots recognize and respond to some custom, silly sounds (rubber chicken honk, fart cushion etc.)? Like they do with speech recognition.  It would be a great way to introduce the idea to my Tech Bandits kid’s Club and could be very useful for the kids with developmental and physical disabilities we will be collaborating with in the near future.

Any help or insights would be much appreciated!



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Thanks DJ,

This should work though, right? Compare frequencies?  Is there a way to do that "loosely" (is like kind of thing?) as even the same sounds will have variations?


Not that I know of. Unless someone has any ideas?
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In my mind - the "simple" way to do it would be think about it in terms of "faking" the robot hearing the sound.  Picture it like this, you have create a ARC mobile app with buttons to play sounds files.  Those same buttons can also trigger scripted actions to make the robot react to the sounds as if it "heard" the sound.  That's the "simple" way - is to fake it.

Comparing the frequency I don't think will produce the results you would like to see.  Sound recognition is a tricky thing and so far there are not any plug in solutions that I have read about.  Vision, speech recognition and image recognition are the hot cognitive app and dev areas.  Sound has got to be in there too in the wider cognitive development space because there are cognitive utilities that can pull music tracks apart and in my mind that kind of relates to that, but I would not consider it simple and from some of the stuff I have seen I would not consider any of it good candidates to attempt plugs ins to experiment with.
Thanks JustinRatliff... I did wonder if faking it might be the way... or even having very distinct frequencies in recorded sounds to set it off...if I have more time I might try and play with that... but I"m hoping that moving the robots by frequency, like in DJ's tutorial, should be raucous enough to keep the Tech Bandits happy!


Mickey666maus...this looks amazing... Thanks so much!



Works with ARC...:)
Came here to post this.  Haven't played with it yet, but I knew it could be trained to recognize sounds, and I know Google is already working with trained models because the "Live Transcribe" app on Android adds "laughter", "crying" "Cough", "Sneeze" and "Fart" (it is an easter egg.  Needs to be un-naturally loud) if it hears them in a conversation .

Its really nice being able create datasets for custom classes on the fly...they just started, and I guess more models will be included soon!!
Great stuff for robotics!!

Also take a look at some fun implementations of ml5.js over here...

Super easy and cool...:D
Possibly a total newbie question here, but when MickeyMaus says it works with ARC,... could you or someone point me in the direction of how I go about integrating it into a script to control my EZ-Robot?


Think this requires a tutorial or live hack... Mickey?:D
Exciting! ;-). Thanks for being all over this stuff DJ!
Anyone have any luck getting Teachable Machine talking to EZ-Robot?  I don't even know where to start!?  Love what Teachable Machine can do, but not sure how best to have that code communicate with EZ-Robot...or ARC, I guess more accurate!?

Any help would be much appreciated... otherwise me and the Tech Bandits will be fart controlling a video game instead of my beautiful EZ-Robots!

Thanks in advance!

Mickey666Maus... you are a teachable machine tutor making Angel!  This is so exactly what I needed... damn I love this Synthiam community... DJ, you gotta be so proud of this!

Thanks again... hope one day to have the skills to contribute instead of just being a code vampire! ;-)

I'll make sure to post what me and the Tech Bandits get up to!

I am very happy I could help, that is what this forum is all about!!
Have fun exploring all the possible options of connecting ARC and Teachable Machine...
I am curious what you will be building!!:)