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Asked — Edited

Can I Place A Modified Servo On The Wall-E Wheels Instead Of Body?


I see most people attach the modified servos to the wall-e body then attach the "wheels" to the servo"

can i attach the modified servo to the wheels and then attach the wheels to the body?

have some ideas in mind, and wanted to see if anyone has experimented with this?



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I don't think so. Unless I'm missing something here, the servo wires would get all tangled.
I agree with Choyster.
If you connect it that way, the servo motor would turn with the wheel and the servo wires will spin around the axle.
Unless you meant something else, you couldnt do it that way.

i have a diff wall-e its not the u command its a "disney store remote control walle" paint on is way authentic.

i meant on the outside of the wheel assembly, underneath the walle

if you are facing the wall-e the servo would be attached to the back bottom wheel under the body

i would literally hot glue a a servo wheel to the bottom turning wheel, attach modified servo, and secure the bottom part of the servo with long screws to the wheels as well....wheels can still spin freely and servo is secure on wheel assembly.

again the servo outside the wheel asembly under the wall-e
this way i can run the servo cable into the wall e, no cable tangle.

i will post a pic tonight....

thanks Choy and Glick
Yes mounting under the body vs inside has been done , helps keep walle from tipping over

I mean under the body but attached to wheel assembly not the wall-e body.

meaning if i remove the wheels from the body the servo comes with the wheels,...
Can you post a picture? That would help me understand what you have.
will do man, give me about an hour