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Can I Make A Code That Makes A 17 Dof Biped Walk And Stand Stable With The Help

User-inserted image

this is the robot i want to play with. can someone help me with code of instruction to write new one. i want to use arduino mega and mpu6050 (gyro+accelerometer) module.


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I would be interesting in seeing some of your lesser projects. Not your upcoming industrial, military, and medical application, but some other smaller things. I'm sure you have done some and maybe I can learn something. I'm listening.


your funny tin man
No worries, I fixed it for you .... "you're a funny tin man" ;)
A picture of anything in development stage or an old prototype to get a better understanding of your direction would be good. This way we could understand the advanced concepts you are developing.
Some of us have very expanded backgrounds and may better appreciate your efforts and developments with such information.


dam joe ppl just want everything handed to them !

Who? Me? I didn't ask for source code or even technical specs. I just want to see one of your working robots and what it does. It's bound to be advanced. I'm just interested in seeing what you have.
People need to stop feeding the troll.


I tried. I only wanted to marvel at your tecnical wizardy.

I get it alright. You don't like the product. Anyone using it is inferior to you. You don't wish to help anyone or impart your vast knowledge to anyone. Why are you here exactly?
@Alan.... ahhhh.... But, but I just made a bowl of popcorn. I wanna' see how the movie ends.... Shucks you're no fun....:(
@ Designatures I sincerely wish you the best in the future.

I know the things you spoke of will come true. I hope the discussions you have had here were as enjoyable for you as they were for us.

Hi Alan, Richard R please pass the popcorn..
I read all the posts and the drama. One thing I still do not understand. Why are you here? Why are you slumming among the kids in the sandbox, who are just playing with their "toys"?
I'm going to assume you actually got the sarcasm when I said "kids." If you answered the question, those answers were so nebulous as to be practically meaningless. Maybe you could be up front and say why in simple terms for the benefit of we mental inferiors. At the least, copy and paste those sections so they would not be clouded in a wall of text.

No one cares what you look like, nor what I look like. Putting up a specially posed picture says more about your ego than putting yourself out there. This view is reinforced by the obvious fact you are basking in all the attention. If you weren't, you would have shut it down long ago.

In any event, this is my final post on this topic. The thread has been totally taken over quite enough by this. I can see now, continuing to add to it is not helpful.
Your ranting and raving about us "Kids" is very tiresome. Until you have something constructive to contribute, why not spend your energy elsewhere.

Signed, One of the Kids.
@Designatures thanks buddy at least for understanding my situation and coming forward to help me. it was so kind of your's in a situation like when you seek help and everyone says like no one can help if you don't use a particular software or controller.:)
ahasan_ratul You mean like a Arduino ?

You need to give up in this thread. I'm sure you can get guidance for whatever your needs are from the multitude of sites / forums / Google groups /

Many users here also utilize micro-controllers to perform different tasks that then communicate with the EZB but I don't think anyone here wants to use the Arduino to perform what you are interested in.

I think what you were told is that most people on this board don't use that hardware and probably were not going to be able to offer much assistance.

This is a support board for one particular controller and that's what the focus is on. I'm not sure why that's hard to understand or that some find it offensive when they are told that.

@Designatures might help you but from everyting he's said so far, he doesn't want to help people. I hope he does help you though.
I have been nice (if a bit sarcastic) so far, but my God you are an asinine moron. I don't understand the personal attacks and name calling that you have directed at others for no apparent reason. Do you even understand the drivel you post? No one else does. Don't tell the guy you are going to help him of you have no intention of doing so. At this point I'm not convinced you even have the ability.

I hope someone here can and will help the guy. It's not going to be you obviously.

I'm out. Enjoy your life, such that it is.

Can you even create one coherent sentence in English? Maybe add some punctuation? The last thing you wrote makes absolutely no sense, as does most of the drivel you have spewed in this thread.
Young people also read posts on this web site. Do you think it would be within your means to refrain from the profane language you are spewing in your text responses ?
@Everyone.... this guy is obvious not well.... He's no longer just a troll, I think he has a real problem.... It's in all our best interest to STOP posting and egging him on....

We're giving him an audience.... take that a way and this ends...
This conversation is out of control - the amount of swears and hostility from @Designatures is too high for this forum. This is a friendly forum and as per the forum etiquette, I am closing this thread. As for @Designatures, your fowl language and hostility is unacceptable - I have no option but to ban your account from posting. I hope you find peace at another forum on the internet.