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Can I Make A Code That Makes A 17 Dof Biped Walk And Stand Stable With The Help

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this is the robot i want to play with. can someone help me with code of instruction to write new one. i want to use arduino mega and mpu6050 (gyro+accelerometer) module. thanks


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If you want to use an arduino shouldn't you ask this on an Arduino forum? We use the ez robot ezb4 here. Some of us (including myself) can code for arduino, but this is primarily an ebz forum so asking this in an Arduino forum will most definitely help you more.... What you are asking is similar to "can someone help me build a car"? Yes, It's possible but very difficult because what you are asking doesn't have a quick simple answer... It is complicated to get a robot like yours walking without a lot of trial and error coding. Best to start leaning to use the auto positioner (if you are using the ezb and not arduino)...

It can be done, but don't expect an easy, quick solution...


i all ready tried arduino forum but no remarkable answer. at least if someone could help to know that how do i start? i mean some basics that how a mpu6050 makes my robot stable while walking and what selective topics do i need to search for?! confused


Unfortunately unless you use the ezb4 instead of Arduino very few people here will be able to help you.... The software we use here (ARC) only works with the ezb...

Maybe google "arduino code (libraries) for use with the mpu6050" and see what you get....


Don't know what hacking this board would benefit you. Everything here is already open like the program, the SDK, all the tools and applications. All you need is the EZB(4) hardware and you're good to go. Just download the program and do the reading and you will be on your way to building your bot.


Designatures This community is here because of the EZB design software and controller. All the members here are purchasers of EZB products. I wouldn't go to the Arduino site/user groups for EZB support. I enjoy the ease of building robots and controlling them without having to write all the code. Some of the community members here have offered helpful links and suggestions to help ahasan_ratul and evidently the Arduino boards don't want to provide guidance.

Thanks for offering to help ahasan_ratul Possibly in the future, insight will be gained and another EZB(4) controller will be added to the community and thus avoid hacking the program and concept that is presented here in this site.


I am going to jump in here...

The EZ-B does not have to use ARC to function. It can, which is helpful to a lot of people. It is kindof like windows or mac was to the PC many years ago. It has its place and it is good software. You can choose to use the SDK to do any of the things with the EZ-B. You can also look at UniversalBot to see how it does things and make any language work with the EZ-B V4. To demeritt it based on using an easy to use software platform is like saying that we should all run our OS's without using any of the benefits gained over the past 20+ years. I personally like running Linux from the command prompt and not from X, but I also have specific things that I am trying to do with these devices.

Dismerriting EZ-B because it uses a tethered approach is short sighted. What do you ultimately want your robot to do? Do you want it to be able to access information that is not in your program that is dumped to the processor? Would you like it to use any number of the published services that are available on the internet? Would you like your robot to use databases to house far more data than the arduino could ever dream of housing? Do you want your robot to tie into any home automation things (any number are available)? Where do you want to limit your robot? The untethered approach is far more limiting.

Now, classifying java with C or C++ shows a severe lack of understanding about how programming languages work. Java is far closer to .Net than C or C++. I like Java and .Net, Python, Perl and any other of a number of languages along with C and C++, but really each has its strong points and weaknesses. Yes, ARC was built using .Net. That is not an issue with tethered robotics, as it can run on a computer and control the EZ-B in the robot.

There is so much more that could be stated here but I am done. I just had to jump in an clarify some things as to why the people on this forum have chosen to use this controller. Some have chosen to use ARC, some not. You have a choice with this platform. Your choices are rather limited with other platforms.


@Designatures, if I am following you, robotics should be dedicated only to peoples who knows how to code? Not everybody wants to be an expert. Some people just want to build and use robots for fun. The EZB and ARC are cool for that. With ARC, I have been able to "program" a functionning surveillance robot with PnP sensors, the camera and two scripts with less than 50 lines of codes, in one day. How long it would have taken me to achieve that with an Arduino platform ?


all you had todo was follow instructions from some tutorial on this website this is a similar version of the AidaFruit online store she gives you the know how and code all you have to do is buy her products at the end of the day your in the dark if something happens to your bot cuz you were dependent on a pc program to make the whole thing happen
I suppose you know how to hack and reset your car then, otherwise you are in the dark if something happens to it...:)


EZ board arent all that popular you know
, but sufficiently for you to find your way to this forum ;)


One more thing, you wont walk into a Radio Shack anymore. They shut down. Also, I hardly consider Radio Shack the authority on electronics. That is just laughable. Walk into a Brookstone and see what they carry. Also, just because something is carried by a company that was hemorrhaging money out of its jugular doesn't make it the best.

Sure, arduino's are popular and I use them for subsystems. They are good at that. They are not good as an advanced robot controller. A Pi is much better at that and it is still very weak.

okay, now I am done.


@Designatures Perhaps you overlooked the letters "E" and "Z" in the name of the site. It stands for easy. The whole point of the EZ Robots company is to provide tools for the non-programmer to use such that he/she can get their robot to do things without having to learn programming or advanced hardware/electronics concepts. Are there people here who want to go farther than that? You bet. I'm one of them. I love making what I have available do things it was never meant to do. But that's me.

Of course, I can't speak for the company per se, but to me, that's not their focus. The main purpose of this forum is to help the user with little to no experience with robots or programming to be able to use the robots they sell. The fact they also help advanced users is a bonus. Faulting the company or the users here for not going into great detail about programming or details about the hardware is to miss the point of the whole enterprise.

Learning about robots is not all about programming or even how the hardware and electronics works in detail. Do you need to know all the details of how the electronic components work on an Arduino work to be able to use it effectively? No. I'll bet the vast majority of the folks who use them are like that. Same with these robots. You can learn a lot about robotics in general and never know much of anything about programming or electronics or mechanics. Most likely many who start out that way will want to go farther, but it is not necessary to enjoy the robots themselves.


never the less what was mentioned was that NO one in here will help the kid because he does not have a ex board ...
Nobody said "NO one". In fact you even quoted the line in which it was said "FEW" would be able to help.


Hi ahasan_ratul,

Yes you can interface ARC with other boards and components and post questions about your explorations here. None of those C# suggestions are necessary. I hope you'll continue to post you AWESOME tutorial and experience also.

ARC is a robotic operating system that DJ Sures has spent a lot of time developing things under the hood to do exactly what you're asking for help with.

Personally, I can't wait to see give your robot an independent vestibuler system and cerebellum. The mega and IMU 6050 boards can be attached directly to the servos for nearly real-time feedback and self-regulation.

Here's an excellent example of a man who used the serial communications to read ping sensors from a Arduino Nano. Reading your MPU data is no different. DJ's responded to this man's post as, "Brilliant!".

I'll be checking back here hourly to watch your progress...:)

Let me know if you need help with mega code to read from the IMU?

Thanks again for your contributions,



Designatures, if you're looking for answers ask questions and sort through what people offer you. If you're looking for drama have kids or go into politics.


For the oldest members, I think we have our new @robotmaker (sorry for the private joke):D


All of the darpa robots were tethered including the ones that won.

There is a difference in what you are talking about as untethered vs tethered and what tethered vs untethered is. An onboard computer makes the robot tethered. The arduino is simply a device that is good for controlling devices, but not as the brain of the computer. Edison does this. It is a computer on a chip, and is the arduino it is driving is controlling the devices. it is tethered, just running locally on the robot. The same can be done with the EZ-B. An onboard computer can be used.

Again, you can use an EZ-B with IoT, or with linux, or with anything now that UniversalBot is available which shows the serial commands needed to control this controller. I think this is pretty cool. It allows me to scale my computer to be the required speed to perform the functions necessary. My robots use onboard computers, but that is completely a design decision. it would be just as easy to do this without onboard computers. Edison is a computer... on a chip. You could control the EZB or up to 255 EZB's from this or other computers.

Believe me, I understand franchises well. I also know what happens to them when the underlying support for such stores goes under. It wont be long and you will need to look for your new authority on electronics.

It is really hard to understand what you are saying. Your lack of punctuation and using proper case makes your ideas and thoughts hard to follow. I would love to have an intelligent conversation but this makes it very difficult at best to do.

Why would you jump into a community dedicated to using a specific product and then go about trying to bash that product? I personally believe you are missing out on a lot of what is available to you to allow you to build amazing robots but that is just my opinion.

I would love to get a list from you of robots that you don't think are tethered and are doing amazing things. I think when you dig into it, you will find that they are tethered.

In all reality, you are missing the point entirely. You have the option to do what you want to do with this platform. It is totally up to you how in depth you want to get with this platform. If you want to use the tools that are built for you, great. If you want to code your own, great. This allows a lot of people to be able to use this REAL platform. the other ones simply don't offer any availability for some people to use them. I would say that the REAL platform is the one that allows the user to choose how in depth they want to get with programming, but your definition may be different. I bet your using a GUI for your computer right now. I guess that means that the computer that you are using is not real. I guess your cell phone is not real either. All of those pesky apps in the way of you writing your own cell phone OS or computer OS. Your car, do you have fuel injection or do you still use that amazing carb? What about the brakes, still using Drum brakes? The point that I am making is that robotics will follow the same path of the computer. The systems will become more user friendly so that more users will be able to do more with them. Without this step computers would not have made it into homes as they have. Your arguments are the same ones that I heard about windows when it first came out. Robotics is in the same stage as computers were in about 1993-4. Unless you lived it, you probably don't understand it. User friendly will drive this technology forward. Without it, it will stay where it is with very few people accepting or adopting it.

BTW, NASA uses these along with a lot of other companies that you would never realized uses them.


Great, I look forward to seeing the robot. What you have described is a tethered robot. The last step didnt require untethered by the way. It required a weakened wifi signal. Now, that doesn't mean that the robots didn't function untethered, only that there was a weakened signal and the teams had to account for that.

Your bot is a tethered robot. The arduinos are being used as subsystems for specific devices. I do the same. I also use OpenCV. Its a great platform. BTW, I believe that EZ-Robot also uses openCV but I might be wrong. Your PC is onboard your robot. That doesn't make it an untethered robot. Just because there are no wires to the robot doesnt make it untethered. Your controlling the subsystems via a wire. The subsystems are arduinos. You are tethered to the arduino. How is this different than doing the same via wifi, only Wifi has no wires. There are some latency issues with wifi which makes the serial connection more favorable in some aspects when using an onboard computer. It is still tethered.

Your robot and AI sound really impressive. I am doing something similar with my current project. I am leveraging some things that are already developed but pretty similar. My robot also has the capability of running with no computer connection from outside the robot. There is one thing that I think you are short sighted on though and if you would like me to pass along some information or ideas on how to improve your design, feel free to shoot me an email. My email address is in my profile. Its up to you, but I also am here to help.


Not yours, the darpa project. Sorry I wasn't clear.

What is the difference between the computer being inside the robot or outside? No wire means that the robot isn't tethered? So the ezb isn't tethered then?

They are both tethered. Just because it is inside the robot or outside it matters not.

Yes, your brain is tethered to the rest of your body via the nervous system and vascular system.



Untethered would be an arduino running code that is all self contained on the controller doing things like controlling ping sensors, ir sensors and other sensors.

The use of the term untethered by DARPA is wrong. It has also caused a lot of confusion. The term should have been self contained i suspect.

There is nothing wrong with tethering and it is the only way that robotics will be to the point beyond simple line following robots. There has to be horsepower to make those decisions. That horsepower comes in the form of a real processor. As technology advances it will eventually get to where all of this is on a single chip and then maybe untethered will be possible for some things, but with IoT... tethering to other devices outside of a self contained robot will probably always be the case. It will be some sort of wifi, but it will still be tethered to something to get this data.

I am enjoying this conversation by the way. It is one that is misunderstood by so many people. Self Contained doesn't mean untethered.


Right. The people writing the articles don't understand and it sounds much cooler to advertise your robot as untethered. They are still tethered to a pc for the most part. The folding one is untethered, but the cheetah is tethered but self contained. It doesn't get as much attention to say self contained as it does to say untethered I guess. In any event, if the definition that someone wants to use is that the computer is onboard, that can certainly be done with this platform.


I also think that "autonomous" should have been used instead of "untethered" by DARPA. This is actually what they were after.


Hey, I see you guys had a very interesting conversation (as always with @d.cochran) during my sleep (time difference between France and US).

Though, something puzzles me @Designatures. You have build an android, like the DARPA/Boston Dynamics robot (a more than $10 million robot), but only based on arduino and it has a brain (3 different AI), a nervous system (based on sensors you made yourself), it can feel and talk... So, why there is no trace of your amazing work anywhere on the Internet (not even on your website were we can only find cool, but simple, 3D designs)? I really think it's a shame that you don't share your achievements in robotics with the robotic community. I hope you will share something with the ez-robot community now that you joined the forum...



Man, you might be the smartest man on this forum, but for the life of me I can't get past one paragraph of anything you write.




i speak good english
... Whew, that's a relief you had me worried...


I hear a lot about how good everything else is and how Ezb stuff needs to be hacked, but I haven't seen that one tutorial has been taken..... or seen anything built. I do see a lot of screen dingles... PUoSU.



I would be interesting in seeing some of your lesser projects. Not your upcoming industrial, military, and medical application, but some other smaller things. I'm sure you have done some and maybe I can learn something. I'm listening.




your funny tin man
No worries, I fixed it for you .... "you're a funny tin man" ;)


A picture of anything in development stage or an old prototype to get a better understanding of your direction would be good. This way we could understand the advanced concepts you are developing. Some of us have very expanded backgrounds and may better appreciate your efforts and developments with such information.



dam joe ppl just want everything handed to them !

Who? Me? I didn't ask for source code or even technical specs. I just want to see one of your working robots and what it does. It's bound to be advanced. I'm just interested in seeing what you have.


People need to stop feeding the troll.




I tried. I only wanted to marvel at your tecnical wizardy.

I get it alright. You don't like the product. Anyone using it is inferior to you. You don't wish to help anyone or impart your vast knowledge to anyone. Why are you here exactly?


@Alan.... ahhhh.... But, but I just made a bowl of popcorn. I wanna' see how the movie ends.... Shucks you're no fun....:(


@Desig'nature Say the guy who had difficulties to code on arduino 5 months ago (Google is your friend @FranckOcean11) I don't know if you will reach the top, but you are clearly really really high...:D

Now, I will follow Alan's good advice ;)


@ Designatures I sincerely wish you the best in the future.

I know the things you spoke of will come true. I hope the discussions you have had here were as enjoyable for you as they were for us.

Hi Alan, Richard R please pass the popcorn..


@Designatures I read all the posts and the drama. One thing I still do not understand. Why are you here? Why are you slumming among the kids in the sandbox, who are just playing with their "toys"?


@Designatures I'm going to assume you actually got the sarcasm when I said "kids." If you answered the question, those answers were so nebulous as to be practically meaningless. Maybe you could be up front and say why in simple terms for the benefit of we mental inferiors. At the least, copy and paste those sections so they would not be clouded in a wall of text.

No one cares what you look like, nor what I look like. Putting up a specially posed picture says more about your ego than putting yourself out there. This view is reinforced by the obvious fact you are basking in all the attention. If you weren't, you would have shut it down long ago.

In any event, this is my final post on this topic. The thread has been totally taken over quite enough by this. I can see now, continuing to add to it is not helpful.


@Designatures Your ranting and raving about us "Kids" is very tiresome. Until you have something constructive to contribute, why not spend your energy elsewhere.

Signed, One of the Kids.


@Designatures thanks buddy at least for understanding my situation and coming forward to help me. it was so kind of your's in a situation like when you seek help and everyone says like no one can help if you don't use a particular software or controller.:)


ahasan_ratul You mean like a Arduino ?

You need to give up in this thread. I'm sure you can get guidance for whatever your needs are from the multitude of sites / forums / Google groups /

Many users here also utilize micro-controllers to perform different tasks that then communicate with the EZB but I don't think anyone here wants to use the Arduino to perform what you are interested in.



I think what you were told is that most people on this board don't use that hardware and probably were not going to be able to offer much assistance.

This is a support board for one particular controller and that's what the focus is on. I'm not sure why that's hard to understand or that some find it offensive when they are told that.

@Designatures might help you but from everyting he's said so far, he doesn't want to help people. I hope he does help you though.


I have been nice (if a bit sarcastic) so far, but my God you are an asinine moron. I don't understand the personal attacks and name calling that you have directed at others for no apparent reason. Do you even understand the drivel you post? No one else does. Don't tell the guy you are going to help him of you have no intention of doing so. At this point I'm not convinced you even have the ability.

I hope someone here can and will help the guy. It's not going to be you obviously.

I'm out. Enjoy your life, such that it is.



Can you even create one coherent sentence in English? Maybe add some punctuation? The last thing you wrote makes absolutely no sense, as does most of the drivel you have spewed in this thread.


Young people also read posts on this web site. Do you think it would be within your means to refrain from the profane language you are spewing in your text responses ?


@Everyone.... this guy is obvious not well.... He's no longer just a troll, I think he has a real problem.... It's in all our best interest to STOP posting and egging him on....

We're giving him an audience.... take that a way and this ends...


This conversation is out of control - the amount of swears and hostility from @Designatures is too high for this forum. This is a friendly forum and as per the forum etiquette, I am closing this thread. As for @Designatures, your fowl language and hostility is unacceptable - I have no option but to ban your account from posting. I hope you find peace at another forum on the internet.