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Can I Connect A Microphone To Ezb

Hello everyone I tried to find some information in the forum, but my search was unsuccessful. I have also found no tutorial.

I would like to use my robot in other rooms and in the garden. I would like to hear what happened there. Voice control does not have to be. I just want to hear what's going on in the area when the motors are not running. I use the robot for demonstrations with children.

Can I connect a microphone directly to the EZB? With which app in the EZ software can I use that when it goes? Thanks for your service

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Wow, you are extremly fast with your answers. Thanks ;-) I have a nice idea. I have a old Babyphone. I can hear and talk with them.


Its not possible yet. Fingers crossed that an ADC port could be used on a V4 1/2 port for this in time.


You could mount a wireless Bluetooth microphone on the robot and then pair and connect it to the laptop running ARC. That would work but you would only really be able to pick up anything useful when the robot is quite.


How would he connect the Bluetooth on the robot.


@Ellis... He would use a bluetooth microphone (as it is a separate device)... Bolt it or stick it on or velcro it.... It can be powered via the ezb4 but it would work completely independently as a bluetooth microphone device connected to your PC...


If all you want is to use the mike as a sensor, it is possible to connect a mike board with digital out to a digital port, and analog out to an analog port but all you can do is monitor the digital for high/low, or the analog port for voltage level. The output levels and trigger are usually adjustable.


On my Rad robot I just attach my Android(HTC) compatible cell phone to the robot chest and downloaded the free Nanny cam app from the Google Play store and it works perfectly wireless video and sound directly on to my Laptop viewing window or my other BB playbook tablet so I can watch where the robot goes or steer by the video I see. ;)