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Can ARC Work With An Lattepanda/Arduino With A PCA9685 Connected To It?

Can ARC work with a Lattepanda's Arduino with DJ's firmware installed with a PCA9685 connected to it to control servo's in the following connection model?  Note UNO represents the Lattepanda's Arduino GPIO.

User-inserted image

I would be connecting to pin 17 for A4 and pin 19 for A5
User-inserted image

Will the standard servo skills work in ARC if ARC is connected to the Arduino or is something else needed? Like the PCA9685 16-Channel PWM Driver Module Library loaded on the the Arduino?

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#2   — Edited
So I am using the Lattepanda with DJ's EZ-Genuino_Leonardo.zip software loaded on it and also have two EZB4's connected through the camera ports, are you saying if I also load Mickeys firmware from here https://synthiam.com/Support/Hardware/Adafruit-16-Servo-Shield and modify their code, adding: Adafruit_PWMServoDriver pca9685 = Adafruit_PWMServoDriver(0x40); for one PCA9685, if you want 2 PCA9685 just change the hex to (0x41) or 3 PCA9685 (0x42) and on and on...  I can also use the PCA9685 as a servo controller?

in setup add:

// Initialize PCA9685

// Set PWM Frequency to 50Hz

If your Arduino does not have a SDA or SCL use:
Analog 4 -> SDA
Analog 5 -> SCL

VCC to 5v from Laptop computer

make sure you add a separate power supply - 5 - 7.5 V to the PCA9685 for the servos
ARC connect Arduino at 57600 baud n settings
#3   — Edited
Yes, I modified the Mick's software and loaded it to my "Arduino uno", and it worked just fine with all the info above. You did watch the video? I used it with the ESP32

I put :
// Creat object to represent PCA9685 at default I2C address
Adafruit_PWMServoDriver pca9685 = Adafruit_PWMServoDriver(0x40);

Try loading Mick's software to an Arduino  "as is".

I not using a Lattepanda , but The instruction say: download the Arduino firmware below. You can program on the Arduino Leonardo that's built into the LattePanda. Adding this firmware lets you connect ARC to the local Arduino and directly control the GPIO.

DJ's instructions - Download Arduino Leonardo Firmware: EZ-Genuino_Leonardo.zip. Last updated 2022/08/24

I just used my Arduino uno with Micky's software modified, compile fine, I don't have my PCA 9685 here so I can't use it here at the farm, but I know it works

Most Arduino have a SDA or SCL

User-inserted image

Remember - Nothing would move until I added a separate 5 to 7.5 v power supply, I use on the PCA 9685 above
#4   — Edited
I think with DJ's software on the Lattepanda I will need to use:
Analog 4 -> SDA
Analog 5 -> SCL

I don't think his firmware is using the Lattepanda's SDA,SCL ports but he needs to confirm that.  So my connections should look like this I think.

User-inserted image
did you get it to work yet?
I have not tried it yet I need to pull the Lattepanda out of my V1 head first and setup some type of test bed for it.  Space is a bit of an issue for me at the moment.
Sounds good, 

I just tested the Arduino uno (with the Arduino code) and the PCA9685 with just 8 servos, as you can see, it works well
thanks, smiller29 for the email

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