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Can ARC Receive Sensor Feedback From A Roomba

My big robot project is set aside for the summer while I'm on my summer hobby of tractors. So for a rainy day small project I have a Roomba 560 I'm going to put the EZ-B on, but I was wondering if I can get the EZ-B to see the output of the sensors of the roomba? I want to use them in the logic of ez-script. I've looked at the tutorial for hooking up the EZ-B to the roomba but i was wondering if anyone has used the serial signal back from the roomba?


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First, find what kind of sensors the Roomba has. they might be compatible with the ez-b with a little rewiring.

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I know Doug and Robot-Doc were doing a lot of work on the Roomba serial platforms but think it was mainly SDK based.

As far as I am aware, in EZ-Script you can only SendSerial, you cannot receive it. Also looking at how it connects, you only tap on to the roomba's RX not the TX. So if nothing else, you will need to add in a signal wire to the Roomba's TX pin.


I agree with @Rich, basically a serial comm port with both TX and Rx would have to be set up in order to send query commands to the Roomba and receive the packet responses from the Roomba. Presently only a Gnd lead and Rx are wired on the 7-pin mini din connector in the Roomba to a digital port on the EZ-B using a servo cable.


Yea I noticed that the tx was not hooked up looking at the prints. I just was wondering if I missed an update about it. I don't think its just a simple as hooking up the tx to the EZ-B. There would have to be something in ARC to organize and interpret the info, right?

Oh well I'll use its sensors as a secondary system for like redundant oh crap I missed that type of thing.

Thanks for the help


You are right, there would have to be a port defined and a script written to sent query messages of interest and then decipher the response packets to obtain usable data.