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One word .... No..... ARC is used only with the ezb3 and ezb4 controllers


If you are talking about turning a pi into a compatible version of the ez-b v3 or v4 - no. That's not natively possible. If you wanted to roll your own EZ-b with your own ARC software I would say you "could" do that given enough time, money, experience and support.

If you are talking about running ARC on a PI, natively, no. I've seen folks really, really push Raspberry pi mods including getting it to boot windows 7 under a shell. I've also seen people get Android to run on a pi and EZ-Robot does have an Android app. And I've read Android "might" be publishing a native version for the pi. So, if you could get Windows or Android to run on the pi in theory ARC "should" run as well.

But please don't take that as an encouragement. The mods I have seen are very time consuming and require a lot of software tinkering and futzing. My advice is if you have a pi already and want to search the net for those type of mods and see if you can get it work - that's fine.

If you are in some way relying on the pi running ARC for a school project or something I think you are going to be looking at sad times.

And that would only allow ARC to run on the pi and control an EZ-b v3 or v4.

In the end most folks tend to be happier, healthier and wiser for buying an EZ-Robot kit. :D

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I guess he is asking if the Pi could be used rather than the EZ-B. The answer is no. ARC is solely for use on the EZ-B and there are no plans to release it for other micro controllers.

To be honest, you wouldn't get anything near as good as an EZ-B by trying to use a Pi. If you are adamant on using a Pi to control your robot then I'm afraid it's a long road of complex programming and fiddling around.

For $99 the EZ-B V4 is way way ahead of any other micro controller out there and the ARC software makes the programming side a breeze. You're much better off with an EZ-B.


.... and further to what Rich said... The pi really isn't a good robot controller anyway... If you are going that route the Beagle bone would be a better choice for robotics...


I really wouldn't recommend the beagle or pi for robotics. They have slow I/O and even is they are controlling an ezb or arduino, the pi/beagle is underpowered for the operating system that it's running. There is too much overhead. Additionally there is no easy way to attach a screen for monitoring and controlling the robot.

What I'm getting at is - use an android device and an ezb v4