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Can A Separate Microphone Be Connected To An Ez-B V4

Can a microphone (not speaker) be connected directly to an EZ-B V4 ? I am building an R2D2 and would like to allow question to be spoken directly to R2D2. Like today I had him in the office and he was 10 - 15 ft away from my laptop and I was trying to ask him a question. Once I remembered I had to speak into the laptop mic, he answered just fine. However I don't want to do it that way as I my not always have my laptop around.


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Not yet... but rumour has it ez robot is working on a microphone that plugs into the ezb... You can always use a wireless mic to your PC
Rumor was/is true. But the trouble is with servo motor noise, other noises, placement, echos.... etc

Just doesn’t work in the robot
You can look for a low cost blue tooth mic and just use that. I have done that with my inmoov. sync it to your laptop.
You can get a combo bluetooth mic/speaker then you will also have higher def audio than the EZR controller can provide. The one I bought had 5 watts of output power and cost about $20.
Hey Perry, do you have link to that blue tooth mic/speaker?
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The Best Cinnamon French ToastThe Best Cinnamon French Toast thanks a lot for the amazon link and everyone else for answers. i found very useful information for me. should i ask other questions here in case it is microphone related? thanks!
Yes you can. Keep us updated on your success!