Camera Device Does Not Work And Arc Freezes When I Try To Connect To The Robot/

Basically, I was trying to connect to my robot today but it didn't work as ARC continued to freeze after connecting, and the camera never was working. I am close to finishing hacking my Roomba but unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to be finished today or this year. I have a link for the video because it takes forever to upload a video file onto this website. How do I fix this?

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Try and update to the latest ARC because yours is almost a year old. If that doesn’t fix the problems, let us know again. You’d need to provide more detail about the setup : ie what type of camera. Battery. Etc etc

as for video, forums don’t host videos. You’d have to use a video service like YouTube and share the link


I tried to update but it said I needed ARC premium (which I may get soon) so i had to revert to the old version. But I'll try again

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You’ll have to update to the free version if you don’t have a subscription.


I ultimately ruined any chance of me getting ARC on my computer at all now because I threw the ARC version that was not working in the recycling bin and emptied my recycling bin yet it still detects a "current" version of ARC anyways. So now I don't know how to fix any of this


I also realized that the auto-update was trying to get me to the early access rather than get me to teams. Still do not know how to fix it.


Re-download the free ARC and reinstall the program.  if you lost your apps, the are on the ARC server.


well it keeps saying that i have the latest ARC installed when i try to reinstall arc


It should say Version 2021.10.03.00 when you run ARC.  if you downloaded it from ARC server .  I'm not sure if it does say you have the latest version. I have never used the free ARC version.  Remember the free ARC version only updates every 4 months.  Good luck.

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  1. the recycle bin doesn’t uninstall a program. To uninstall a program, you have to use the menu that Microsoft provided:

  2. install ARC Free/Teams by downloading it from this website (

once you do those two things, you’ll be up and running in no time :)


hi all

its also good when delete a program on your pc , delete also your browser hystory and then reboot . then redownload latest version .