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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Camera Tracking With Custom Movement

Can Camera Tracking be linked to drive the Custom Movement direction scripts instead of selected servos?


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Yes. Any Movement Panel is controlled by any movements.

1) You can only add one Movement Panel per project

2) A Movement Panel will respond to any use of direction commands in EZ-Script or from other controls, such as camera

3) In ez-script, the direction commands would be Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Stop would control a movement panel

4) all movement panels have the words "movement panel" in their name.
@DJ Sures,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I will try the Camera Tracking/Custom Movement tomorrow and let you know how well I do.
1) Add camera control

2) Add custom movement control. Edit the control and add your custom code

3) Press CONFIG button on camera control

4) Enable Movement Tracking
@JD Sures,

Thanks JD. Found the Enable Movement Tracking box.
I hope to use the EZ head camera to scan for and find the red ball with Enable servo Tracking, then switch to Enable Movement Tracking to move the 'bot up to the ball.