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Camera Movement With A Continuous Servo

In my R2 build I put the camera with a 180 servo that controls the up and down in the radar eye. I'm using a continuous spin servo to spin the dome and would like the camera to control that servo for side to side tracking, but in settings it appears that it has setup for a 180 degree servo. I tried the min/max with the continuous spin servo but it caused it to spin non stop in either direction depending on if I changed the min or max. Is there a way in scripting to control the continuous spin servo for tracking?



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Short answer:no

Follow the 4 th link to learn more about continuous servo.

There are other hardware solutions like:

  1. add a potentiometer or an absolute encoder

  2. use a sail winch servo(multi turn not a continuous servo)

  3. continuos servo with position feedback

All the above solutions will require extra add ons some will require an additional microcontroller and some C programming skills

A simple solution is multiple trigger switches similar to a ending stop switch so you can know the position when the switch is triggered


Ok, thanks, it would have been nice to do.


Just wanted to add that a small multi-conductor slip ring could be used as well. They aren't very common but they can be quite helpful in continuous rotation applications such as R2D2's head :)


I have that, the dome spins continuous, I was hoping the camera could control the servo for tracking purposes, left or right.


The camera control can do that - it's only 3 or 4 mouse clicks. But, you'll need a servo that knows the position. A continuous rotation servo doesn't know it's position.

Find out how a servo works here:

You'll see reference to winch servos. That's a good servo for your use because it has 1,000 degrees rotation or something. Check it out in that above link.


OK, I didn't even consider the winch servo, you had recommended one for my periscope, which works great BTW, I already have that installed and don't really want to disassemble the lift to pull it out and put it in for the dome rotation.

I will have to get another one once I finish a couple of other projects on the droid, I will come back to this and give that a go!