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Camera Device Visual Options

I use a few EZ-Robot video cameras for my different robots.. the design of the camera allows not always the installation in the correct position.. and my problem is.. there is no option to rotate/ flip, mirroring the video like in all other Standard-Webcam-Softwares . Now one of my robots see the world upside down.. Is it possible to add the option in a next update ? rotate/ mirroring the video? Its nothing special I think but a good future for own robot projects.

cheers Smarty


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This is something I can add to a future update.


@DJ I've read that you are going to use a better camera in future - so more options will be fine.

by the way - the Reset-Button has a text-formating bug

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Smarty, do you have the release from 5.2.15? That is the latest and greatest (as of this post) and I don't see the reset button squished like your picture shows.


I use: ARC Version 2015.05.02.00 for Windows, not SDK


a camera with an integrated microphone would be great!

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Would it also be possible to add support for higher resolutions?