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Camera Cable Length

The new cameras that connect to the v4 use wires. How long are the wires? Need a lot of cable for the creeper project.


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We haven't tested to find out the maximum wire length. I'll have jeremie try and see what we get. The speed is 3.3mbps for the streaming video - the wire length will affect the communication but i'm not sure of the maximum distance yet
Whats the length that comes stock? Or you still dont know?
this will answer your camera wire length question:)

Wow! Well, I don't think I heard what length its going to ship with. Could you give me that?
Thanks DJ and crew for doing this. I was watching this thread and waiting for an answer. I'll be running a long cord on my robot also and this could have been an issue.
I think the length is 8" but there are extensions to make it longer for people who wish to mount the camera in a different place.
It's 4 wire rryerson. Well, I might cut the cable and extend it myself.
There are a lot of 4 wire cables around as well. They are also pretty standard... I have a bunch for my I2C with my Vex stuff....
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Grab yourself a JST crimper and you can make a cable as long as you need it to be with whatever colours you need and as many cores/cables you need. This is just one more reason for me to bite the bullet and get myself a JST crimper I guess.
Yea , that's a good investment just to make your own cable to custom length.
I believe my dad has a crimper so I think ill do that.