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Camera Cable Connector

ezb camera cable is too short. I need a longer cable. I searched the community but didn't find a good solution. The connector is a special connector custom-made by ezb, or is there some standard connector I could find from connector makers to make an extension cable ?
What kind of connector is that ?

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I took 2 camera cables and some header pins I got from a electronic shop. I pulled the pins out of the plastic header strip and stuck the pins in one cable and pushed the plugs together. I put a drop of hot glue on the plastic plugs to be sure the two cables stayed together.

If you can't get the pins try to find some small solid copper wire that fits snug in the holes in the cable connector and use that. Just cut them long enough so the cable connectors come together. You may try using the pins from old servo cables. You can cut them off the connector, but I am not sure the will be long enough. You will have to try it.


Thanks everybody. I know EZB makes the cable , but to purchase here from them is costly and takes a long time. European reseller RobotShop doesn't have the cable , only a connector kit, pitch 2 mm , but only for 2-3-4 pins, not for 6 pins. I don't have two cables to connect together. I think to cut the cam cable and to solder some flat cable to extend it. Not a very good work !


That's right, I purchased the kit and crimpers and realized it did not include 6 pin after it arrived and had to go out and source the 6 pin female connector. I will look and post where I got them. For my Inmoov, I am going to need 2 more real long camera cables myself. Sorry for the incorrect post.


OK, PTP. Ebay is ok. It has kits with 10 cables with female connector fitted and 10 male connectors to solder. This way I can do female-to-female and female-to-male.


I just cut my camera cable in half and spliced in wire to get to the length I needed. Pretty easy to do!


Thank you Bob! Cut and SPLICE! I was wondering when someone was going to say that. I knew I could not be the only person left still cutting and splicing.


That was my first idea (post #6), when I discovered that those connectors weren't as easy to find as 2,54 mm ones. This is the easiest solution, not good-looking, but without the need of buying unusual items.


Oh do I feel dumb, it never crossed my mind to just cut the cable in half and splice.


Yep. I agree. Cut, add new wire, solder joints and cover each splice with heat shrink. NASA approved and standard practice on the Space Station and Space Shuttles :)