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Call An Auto Position Script

How do you call an Auto Position script from another script. There is no way I can see to name an Auto Position so I can call different ones at different times.

Am I missing something here? A quick search doesn't give any examples.



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You use the CommandControl instruction. To make it easy, you can go to the "Cheat Sheet" tab in any script control and see a list of the possible calls for the AutoPosition control. Just click on the one you want (once) and it will appear in the script. Be careful, however, since that will also overwrite what is on the line that the cursor is on at that moment. So make sure you have it on an empty line first.
This will come in handy, it's called the LEARN section and has courses and tutorials. The best is to start with the "Activities" course once your robot is built. The activities cover the essence of ARC. Here's a direct link to the activities course: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Course/6

In the activities course, it covers how to call Auto Position actions, and other features. There is also an introduction to EZ-Script and how to begin programming with it. Enjoy!:)