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Caliibration Lesson Galapagosbot?

how can i calibrate the servo's to 45 degrees for the galapagosbot?


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Calibrate all servos to 90.... That gives you a centre of reference... If you need 45 then just move the servo to 45 in whatever pose you need 45 in...


@nomad all calibration is... is to show you the servo is where it supposed to be when you move it to a position.... That's why you start with 90... if the servo is straight then it is calibrated correctly...

the instructions says it to set it -45 degree for assemble.
so first callibrate and then a script for all servo's?
I'll let ez robot respond as I don't have one to check....
dj or any off the staff can give the correct calli.i allreddy burn 3 servo's.


User-inserted image
Calibrate all your servos to 90 (see picture below) then set them to the positions you see above.... I just did it... I laid out all the servos for Galapagos bot on the table and set them at the values in the above picture you posted... All of the servos were oriented correctly and were set to 90 in their brackets as below prior... Calibrate to 90 (picture) then set them like the picture above...

Servo calibrated correctly to 90 in it's bracket
User-inserted image
Try it.. take a servo by it's self and calibrate to 90 as the picture I posted above... Then move it to position 145 with the servo control... Now look at your servo and the picture you posted... It should look the same as the servo attached to D0
does fine tune is needed?
You mean fine tune? That would be up to you if he isn't posing quite correctly....

last question ,does it need init script for connecting to ARC?
Depends... Init is an open question because you can write anything in that script.... What does the one for six have in it? Maybe in an init script you can have him take a basic stand pose after you connect....
yes i want galapagos bot take pose stand in the init.
Then put a Cheat Sheet command in your init script... I took this from the sample file from Galapagos bot...


ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionFrameJump, "Stand")
richard r

you bin great help.i post a video here in few minites.

thank you
here the video

i dont have his feets yet,oeps

i think this is the init pose.

User-inserted image