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Cables On Hands

I have just assembled JD and it appears that the wires are too short to connect to the controller. Do you have a fix


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Revision 1 of the jd (depending where you got it) has two extension cables in the box. There are only a few hundred of that revision in the wild with extension cables in the box.

If you have the revision two, released anytime after March 2015, the cables are indeed long enough.

have you viewed the assembly tutorial that demonstrates how to put the robot together? Perhaps the robot is not built correctly.

Feel free to post a photo - as we have never had someone post an issue regarding this before. It'll be easier to assist.

Ensure you are following the learn section instructions to assemble and use jd. If you don't, the servo calibration and fine tune will make him fall over:).


II have two kits and just checked one kit has the extensions the other does not. The kits were purchaced at the same time. I may have misplaced the cables where can I purchace the extension cables?


You can order the cables from the EZ-Robot store , but the shipping on small orders is quite expensive. They are a common hobby store item, so if you have a hobby shop that sells RC cars and planes near you that would be your easiest solution. Microcenter also now sells hobby electronic supplies, so if you have one of them nearby (or Fryes if you are on the west coast).

You can also get them from Amazon with free shipping:

Same or next day if you are a prime member:



new hands have longer wires