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Burnt Out Shoulder On Jd After Just A Couple Of Days

Hi, I assembled the JD robot, and used it for 2 evenings. It was great until on Sunday afternoon the robot was just being used for about 10 minutes, and I left it on for a further 5 minutes not doing anything, and standing on it's 2 feet - when there was a burning smell, and the body of the robot got hot. It turned out to be the right shoulder which now has burnt out and shorts when connected.

The arm has had no pressure applied wrongly, (I've not used it to pick up anything yet) and the robot wasn't even leaning on it at the time, it was just standing stationary (after having done some pre-programmed moves - not my custom ones).

I don't think it should have gone wrong so quickly. Is there anything that can be done please? My poor robot is now in pieces on the floor.

I did try to send a contact email to the warrenty team, but the form doesn't allow you to unless you've written on the forum first! Thanks! Kevin


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Sorry to hear you're having issues. If you feel you have a warranty claim and want to send a claim via email, you need to select "Warrenty" or "Education and Sales". That way you can send an email and not be referred back to the forum. It sounds like you may have a claim so shoot the team off an email and they will get back to you pretty quickly.

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Thanks Steve - I'll try that! Kevin


If you select product warranty instead of technical support, it opens a case rather than directing you here. The automatic confirmation email does reference the site for technical support, but someone at EZ-Robot will respond to your case, usually within a day.


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No problem. The guys at the office will get you (or rather JD) going again.:)


yes, you need to provide a link to the forum question to ensure it's a real warranty claim. As you can imagine, not everyone is fair and honest. We always have people trying to get free stuff from us because they damaged their robot.

For example, my JD has been traveling with me for months and months (since September) and is used daily - without a burnt servo. We have a display case JD at a retailer that runs 8 hours a day nonstop on a power supply. So when there's damaged parts, we have to be a little hesitant to protect ourselves.

When and where did you get your JD? Did you buy it from our store or somewhere else? Also, when did you buy it.


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Thanks @DJ_Sures ! I bought it online from the UK from your store on 2nd March, and watched it being tracked across from China. It arrived last week on Monday 9th March at 16:30, but I didn't assemble it till Friday evening 13th. It worked fine on Sat evening too, and then Sunday evening, whilst I was showing it off to the parents-in-law, was when the motor burnt out. But as I said, it wasn't under load at all, just standing there for 5 minutes or so, after using some pre-programmed actions controlled from your mobile app.

I've raised a warrenty request via Education link as mentioned by @Steve_G above. Many thanks! Kevin

PS> Last night I linked my one-armed JD to nodered (nodered.org) to verbalise my tweets, read the news and so on, via JDs http server. Really quick and easy...


The reason I am asking when and where you got it is to identify what version the robot is. There is a slight chance the JD body needs a slight modification. The very first batch of molds for JD's body had the shoulder holes a little too tight. Some retailers may still have version 1 stock.

When you rotate the arms manually, do they feel very stiff? Much stiffer than the elbows or legs? If so, let me know and i'll give you a quick demo solution to solve the burn-out problem. It's a very easy fix and only requires a pair of kitchen scissors or butter knife.

I'm not sure what the "education" link is - however, for product warranty there is a Contact Us option titled Product Warranty. It is located on the far right option of the Select Department section.

When you select Product Warranty, it will ask for you to paste the URL of this thread. That way our customer support (Aislinn) can verify this discussion:)

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@dj_sures Just had a look at JD's arms - and they seem to rotate fairly freely. I took the shoulder servo out when it went wrong- and looking at the hole, it appears to already have had a post-production knife to it.... the edge of the hole has already been scraped away. And the servo's clip seems to move freely in the hole. Maybe the servo was not aligned centrally before, and perhaps it was rubbing on one side of the hole when it arrived? I can check that before I put another one in.

The education link I meant was the Contact Us option titled Education/Sales. But I can raise another ticket in the warranty section if required.

Many thanks for your help, Kevin.


Education/Sales is for educational sales, hence education sales:)

Do not open another ticket - no need to flood Aislinn's mailbox - she gets a lot of Contact Us messages per day:)

Must have been a faulty servo - if the bracket appears to rotate smoothly in the hole. Aislinn will take care of you

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OK, thank you for your help!