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Build A Vacuum Gripper W Servo , Syringe , Tubing

Hello community , in the spirit of diy progression I am sharing some pictures and info on vacuum grippers. I will make a separate thread for pressurized grippers and cylinders so that they are easier to search and find. Simple vacuum grippers consist of a few parts

-pressure/vacuum cylinder
-hard tubing
-suction cup style gripper

The actuator can easily be a rc servo , then a vacuum chamber a syringe , since this is a low neg pressure aquarium off or vinyl tubing works fine. Lastly you need a soft suction cup on the end. Here is linxmotions idea of how this looks but the idea by no means is new.:)
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User-inserted image


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I have tried using that servo powered vacuum in the past... the problem i faced was that it didnt have enough suction/volume of air to really pick anything up and or hold its suction. i really needs a motor constantly pulling air for it to hold anything. My goal was to make a balloon oriented jamming gripper for my omnibot

i was considering to attempt using a motor pump like the one you put on squeegee...
@robot56 , it's a volume of air issue. This is for a tiny gripper. A jamming gripper needs lots of suction power to work. This is NOT that type. This is a suction cup gripper. This would pick up small items like paper , coins , dollar bills. The small stuff. I can research all the parts and links for a larger one for you.