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Bug Report For ARC

I have found a bug in the windows program, it seems every time that i attempt to stop a script in the middle it becomes unresponsive and attempts to complete the script anyway, i have found any attempt to stop the robot using the stop button or to start a new command like calibrate causes the whole program to become unresponsive and requires me to reboot the robot and program and reconnect to continue


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Bad programming does that very same thing... I do not have the same issues... Post your script and maybe we can see what's going on....


i have posted it its richards advanced test under humanoid

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It depends on what the script is doing. Sometimes a script is unable to be stopped mid flow however it is very rare that that should happen and is, as Richard said, usually caused by poorly written scripts.

The Stop() button isn't to stop the robot, it is to stop the robot moving. It is a script in itself (or in the case of the revolution robots it's an action that's being called for). If a script is also trying to tell the robot to move servos etc. and an action has been called for by something else then you will run in to problems. It's like someone telling you to sit down and stand up at the same time.

Not really sure what you mean by start a new command like calibrate. Calibration is done through the EZ-B Web Interface. If you are referring to the servo Profiles this should only be used when the robot is not being used, it's to be set up before you use the robot.

I can see that you have followed the lessons in the learn section however I would say to go over them again as some of this is covered. Also, more and more lessons are being added all the time so it's always a good idea to keep checking them.

The best way to learn is to play though. Keep playing with the software. Keep a note of what causes things to crash or freeze up and don't do them or, in the case of scripts, check the script is making sense and written correctly. You'll get there.


if you try to stop script2 in richards advanced robot like i would around the push ups since theres no point to letting him continue since he is not doing what he is suppose to instead of carefully picking him up so he can play out the programs in your hands he will usually stop but the script itself will continue in the program and cause the error, then i would normally use the testabc command that i made to make him go to calibrate, so i can make sure he is still fully calibrated as i was having issues with him staying in the same calibration and its just easier to stand him there while i try to correct the error in the script again but since i did not wait for the robot to complete the script it wont work and i have to turn him off and turn him back on but even then the program itself wont reconnect, i have to shut down the program and turn it back on, and thats when i now turn the robot off and on to insure it connects without issue.

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If it isn't staying calibrated you have calibrated incorrectly. Once calibrated and the brackets are secured back on to the servos they should not come loose and move around the servo spindle.

It sounds like there's an issue within your script if it isn't stopping. Do you have the same issue with the original demo script on the JD example which comes with ARC?


no but the demo script i made was made by removing ymca from the demo and changing what's said and some of the actions and copying and pasting in a few extra sets, it basicly just says what it can do and shows it one by one thats the demo i made

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If it doesn't do it in the original example which yours is based on but does do it on the script you have modified then it points to the script having problems.

I don't have time to check right now but when I get the chance tomorrow I'll have a quick look over the script to see if I can see if anything is wrong.


I will update the script tonight and upload it over night so look at version 2


What kind of PC are you using? Old and or slow PCs do have a tendency to bog down ARC... My old win7 machine use to lock up with ARC all the time... My new HP all in one runs ARC like a dream...


mainly i do all the scripting on my intel i3 in windows 8 but i do the testing on a laptop with windows 8, its an intel i5 so i don't think speed is the issue, and i dont run anything else while im working on it and i do disable the antivirus so i don't have to worry about any complications with it