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Broken Jd Shoulder

One of my wonderful students drove their JD off the desk and broke the shoulder joint.

Is there a 3D model available to print? If not I am happy to develop an .stl file based on the EZ Clip female file.


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Awe poor jd. We can rebuild him stronger, faster, better! You can either purchase a robust replacement by using Contact Us -or- 3d print from either the ARC software -or- this link:

Also, every single plastic ezrobot part for each product is listed in the store product page. You can click on the product page for jd in the store and get the 3d printable parts. Here’s a link to jd product page:

You can also find more details on the jd robot product in the learn section of this website - with instructions to 3d print replacement parts.

Ps the shoulder bracket is part of the humanoid body assembly.

Have fun!:)


Thanks DJ - that is awesome! Saves me a bit of work.

I was looking under the servos. blush

I will print out in ABS and PLA and see how it goes.

We are using the JD to teach the students about AI and IoT. And have fun!

We are trying to get the robots to use cognitive face to identify a face they see and then react to the perceived emotions.

Also got our hands on a few Developer kits and we are implementing controls for our stage production. The controller will be opening and closing drawers and (hopefully) collapsing a table. All run from the stage manager's ipad.


Wow, gray! That is pretty awesome. Your students sure are lucky. Many teachers struggle with technology, and sounds like you’re embracing it. The trouble we find is the students usually appear to know how to use technology which discourages some teachers. The point I want I get across to educators is that the children only appear to know how to use it because they don’t fear it! That’s the difference.

And even if the students are more comfortable with technology, doesn’t mean they know how to apply it. Aaaaaaaaand that’s where educators come in... I’d like to reinforce educators to know their position with technology. Because sure the children can turn it on, but the real education comes with...

  • why robots and automation are good for society
  • what they can do to help save lives and NOT used for warfare
  • who’s responsible for robot tech evolution and what their reasoning behind the passions are/were

Sounds like you’re really on top of embracing technology education. I hope you continue to share on here because it’s inspiring for myself and others!


Well said DJ.

We teach "Engineering" here is which is all about problem solving in a Project Based Learning framework.

The robots are a tool that we use and work alongside.

Not a "battle robot" in sight.

At the moment we have students from various years working on Rescue Robots (trying out a Developer kit there as well), underwater ROVs, soccer playing robots, automatic cars, rubbish sorters etc etc.

By the way - the shoulder has printed in ABS and I will install tomorrow. Looking at it not sure - may be a job for PLA. Looks a little prone to failure at the internal corners so I may slightly mod the design for better performance with 3D printing.

Thanks for the support,

Neil Gray


Long live the terminator ! lol sorry, just my favorite robot of all time.


Here is a modified shoulder joint that seems to work.

The official stl did not give a strong enough model when 3D printed in the optimum orientation for the servo socket. Split at the corner (along cleavage lines) where the tab inserts.

A little bit of beefing up in Fusion 360 gave a much stronger joint.

Printed in ABS on UPbox at 0.1mm resolution and 90% fill.



@gray... The Up Box is fantastic... I have 2 now and 2 UP Mini 2.... Absoultely love them...:)