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Brainstorming Ideas For Movable Real Ears On My Robot

I want to build ears for my robot. Brainstorming for any help or input ideas on building moveable ears for my robot? I have micro servos that can power them. I want to build her real ears, instead of the painted ears. First thought was to purchase some 3D printed ears then I thought about fabricating some aluminum ears. The size would be somewhere between the current painted ears and smaller then the Mercury Man ears? I liked the ears on Lexi. Any ideas and thoughts are welcome. I am open to any thoughts or printed ideas. Thanks, Steve S /uploads/ears-635385989095448894.jpg

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you could put a thin stick (painted), and let it move up and down on the sides of the unit. Attach whatever you want to be the ears. Get a 180 degree servo and let the stick move up and down sort of like my favorite martian.

Just my 2 cents.

I will be interested in seeing how this turns out.



Mel, Thank you for responding. I was thinking of something similar with maybe aluminum or printed. Steve S


can you use some like i-qbot ?


Nomad, I found an assembly vid of that robot and it looked good, but I was thinking more of winged style pointed ear. This forum is great and I learn so much of what is out there. Thank you, Steve S


great you found some ideas:D