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Blue Smoke?

Blue smoke? After working with EZ Robot servos for 3 years, I finally saw smoke, although it looked white. The magic was how fast it developed. I found the problem, and it was me! The manual movement test was ok for clearance, but not enough clearance on a new trial test, with multiple servos active, on one of my robots. It was one of my HD servos. I do not think there would be time for a safety to respond, because it happened so quick. You do not learn unless you attempt new ideas. I am still building, learning, and enjoying EZ Robot! Steve S ;)


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Hmmmmm, servos that run on smoke. If you let the smoke out the servo stops working. White smoke, Blue smoke...does colour of the smoke determine how Strong or how fast the servo is?


concrats,there is always a first time for averything


Is Lal ok? Do you need Admiral Haftel's help? We really need to get Lal to the Daystrom Institute, it's clearly not safe enough out there Steve.

hehehe :) ;)


Just remember 186 thousand miles per second. Smoke is much slower than what caused it.


Admiral Haftel's very concerned, LOL! "Today its a servo....tomorrow, it could be a positronic failure in the EZB script matrix. Or the Romulans!"

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All the comments are so funny. Yes it is "Lal". I had her head removed doing updates adding another degree of freedom, which did not have enough freedom! Now the Admiral has evidence to warrant her move to Daystrom Institute! She did suffer a real neural net failure on a different day. That was after she gave two verbal warnings that her EZB battery was getting low, below 7 volts, then was 6.7 volts. She was moving forward when the EZB voltage hit 6.6 volts and did the auto shutdown. She suffered a neural net failure because she lost the ability to send commands to her IRobot Create drive system, I had to chase her down. I hope Admiral Haftel does not call me tonight when I am sleeping?