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That is awesome. I have cat that would like it. He fat and lazy.


Very cool and funny! I laughed at the "newspaper" but that was awesome color tracking .....I am sure the EZ-B can do that!


IT look really cool,but it be done with EZB LIKE EVERY ELSE SAYS.


who wants to take on the job of remaking this running the ez-b and built so there pet can drive it around? Anyone?

United Kingdom

Get your rad to do it Techno.


DO you have a parrot,i dont and i love animals ,got so many at home ,may be my rare long tail lemur can ride the robot SHe would like it i think.


I want one too...this is so cool. I am sure it can be done with EZ-B. I am excited to see who will take on the challenge. :D


I can have my rad pull up to my cat and pick her up, but that's about it other than making a trailer for the rad.

United Kingdom

The robot side of it would be very easy to do. Bunch of sensors, a few scripts, job done.

Having an animal trained well enough to operate it would be the challenge.