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Bing Speech .Dll Question

I updated to the latest ver of ez builder Release 2017.02.20.00, but when i install the plug in for Bing Speech I get the follow error when i try to launch:
User-inserted image

Same error when i try and load the example file.

But does NOT do this with the Computer vision plug.


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Really? You're asking if you should upgrade to a recent os or an old os? Lol
@fxrtst Sorry late on my reply but looks like you found the issue anyway... I haven't installed Bing Speech yet but will eventually.... All my PCs run Windows 10...
I only ask about OS because when they release a new OS seems to be a lot of incompatibility with hardware drivers and some support for software. A lot of times it's not worth the trouble to upgrade if it breaks 1/2 my stuff. Especially because i run boot camp on mac. I only have one PC. Even tho i never go to the Mac side. Mac are the best PCs i've ever owned. But even these are 2009, mac pros and 17 inch laptop, one air etc etc
I still run Windows 8.1 and prefer it over 10. If your going from 7, get 10. It's less of a learning curve and is more like 7 than 8.1 will ever be.
ARC always ensures compatibility with the latest operating system - because that makes sense for progress
Maybe i should buy a computer (PC) just for ARC running 10 for all my robot testing:) What a great excuse! Done!
Whoa, welcome to 2017!:D

Windows 10 with Anniversary Update is quite amazing
@fxrtst LOL.... did you really need an excuse to buy accessories for robotics? In my case I blame it on the little voices in the beer telling me to buy...:D
Let me step into my Delorean and join you hip young kids with your fancy Windows 10 with its fancy anniversary in the future! <----what ever that is
Loving the Emotion plug
@fxrtst... I am getting a rather "verbose" error as well with the emotion plugin... It appears in the control window and I tried to copy and paste the error but it can't be copy and pasted... I am using windows 10

*EDIT* You must have got it working? How? I still get an error...
Yes same thing here...just started working on its own, altho i ve had one ARC crash with it.
its not too accurate with my bearded face. But still fun. "You are 90 percent neutral."
Cool... no crashes for me, but same thing... just started working... I am stoked with these plugins... Awesome:)
Me too whats left face?
Hey guys just to add in case anyone is less than happy with windows 10, i have the bing speech recognition as well as the cognitive plugins working fine on both windows 10 and 8. By the way even though i hate to give Microshaft any credit, these plugins/services are working great and alot of fun. Adds a whole other dimension to my bots. Very cool.
@fxrtst I realize this is a pretty old topic now but in case you didnt manage to fix the bing speech error you mentioned, I had the same issue as well on windows 8 and what i did to fix it was reinstall the Microsoft C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 package. This package is required for the plugin to work and although i had it previously installed, a reinstall was required after an ARC update for Bing Speech to work again. I had the exact error report you mentioned until i did the reinstall and after Bing worked perfectly again.
Oops soory i see i missed a post and you did get it working...disregard previous.