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Resolved Resolved by Synthiam Support!

Bing Speech Recognition Robot Skill Add Error

ARC (Early Access) - Version 2022.05.15.00

Attempted to setup he AI Robot Chat as it is explained at

1. Add the Bing Speech Recognition robot skill. In ARC, click the top menu.
(Project -> Add robot skill -> Speech Recognition -> Bing Speech Recognition) - perhaps old ARC version
My version:
Project -> Add robot skill -> Audio -> Bing Speech Recognition

The following pop-up windows appears:
User-inserted image

After pressing OK button, the following workspace is displayed:
User-inserted image

Pressing the Config button in the menu bar of the Bing Speech Recognition to open the config menu displays the same pop-up window error.
Anyone to help me?

A week ago I could add the Bing Speech Recognition robot skill to the AimlBot Project as is shown below:
User-inserted image

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We're not able to reproduce this error yet, but we're still working on it. Thank you very much for the photos and details. If you make any progress, please let us know.
Great! Thanks guys.
It works now.:D

But it works with PC speakers only.
I can NOT enable the PandoraBot to speak out of the EZB speaker.
There is no *Optional setting box "Use EZ-B v4 Speaker" as is shown bellow:
(what an astterix in front of Optional setting means?)
User-inserted image

I added $EZBPlayingAudio global variable to the PandoraBot script as follows:


but it did not resolve the issue.
I have tried to find resolution in the ARC help files, but could not.
Sorry if I missed out some help files to read.
#4   — Edited
Woops. LOL. Looks like the "Speak Response" and "Use EZB v4 Speaker" are both missing. The tutorial shows this:

User-inserted image
Interesting....are EZ-Bv4 features being taken out of skills? I wasn't informed of this.
#7   — Edited
The speaking feature was removed a few years ago or so because it makes more sense to script the response variable.

i don’t know what you mean about ezb features being removed from skills. Any ezb can use any skill, whether an ezrobot product or ardunio (depending on supported capabilities)


The speaking feature was removed a few years ago or so because it makes more sense to script the response variable.
I'm very confused about this response because on the PandoraBot skill page comments section I mentioned using those checkboxes in February of this year. This change had to be more recent than Feb 2022.

I even went back to my project that was working previous to the change, and it no longer spoke the PandoraBot response.

Why were the checkboxes removed? They were helpful, checkboxes are easier than having to remember to add a line of code.
It works fine, :), thanks D(R)J Sures.
I'll quickly read all script api documentation to avoid reporting problems like this one.

While playing with ChatBot and my EZ-B I have noticed that VAD functionality does not work.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the ARC
2. Follow all setup steps as described in the AI Robot Chat tutorial (https://synthiam.com/Support/Get-Started/Tutorials/AI%20Robot%20Chat)
3. Talk to the ChatBot a few sentences.
4. Change the script to set output to the EZ-B as described above.
5. Connect the PC to the EZ-B (via Wi-Fi).
6. Say something.
7. Wait the robot response.
8. Say something.
The Bingo Speech Recognition module does not register your voice.
In order to register, the Start Recording button has to be clicked.
It has to be repeated for every new question.
Hey gale - the vad might require your microphone input volume adjusted. Otherwise, you can always set a wake word like how Alexa and google home or Siri work. You’d have to use the regular speech recognition robot skill, set a wake word and have the script execute the ControlCommand to tell Bing to start listening
Hey Sures!
Thanks for the reply.
I have already tried input volume adjusting, did not help.:(
I will use the wake word.