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# Script here

Adjust the sleep as required but it's always an idea to have a slight delay to avoid resource hogging.


I prefer using the repeatuntil command for continuously running loops....


Rich, I thought the goto would only work in an IF statement.

Richard R, I'm having trouble working with repeatuntil.

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Labels and Gotos work anywhere.


Basic loop

repeatuntil(0) #repeats without a condition forever

repeatuntil($x=100) #repeatuntil with a condition 100 times


I would recommend using Goto instead of RepeatUntil(0) because the Goto will use 1 less cpu instruction than RepeatUntil(0). That means a goto is a teeny bit faster:)


Thanks guys. I'm slowly learning this. Its hard to learn easy things when all the Arduino and other things I'm use to using are much more comp0licated. I seem to be overthinking things a bit.

Thanks for all the help.:)


@DJ, that's good to know. For some reason I thought the repeatuntil would be way faster and more efficient than the old goto loop. Sounds like they are not much different in terms of resources. Maybe the repeatuntil is just a little more neater to look at. I guess it depends on who you are.

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Each have their own pros and cons. Personally I prefer Labels and Gotos as I feel a RepeatUntil should always have an end (hence the until). But as Dave said, it depends who you are and how you think.

It also depends on the script. There are some instances where a repeatuntil may not work correctly or require additional labels and gotos anyway where it could render the repeat redundant.