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Best New Robot Movie : Automata

I just got done watching this awsome 2014 movie about robots that oddly enough look very similar to the inmoove robot just with legs I would love to see a custom inmoove built like one some day and maybe the may be the next automata lol

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Well almost like inmoove just with legs and no mouth cover lol



there is another great robotmovie out calt chappie


@Omegaproject... I have also seen this movie recently. It is a very compelling movie. I liked it very much. Good to see movies like this. I am kinda getting tired of the "destroy the world" type of movies. Don't get me wrong...I do like action movies, like The Avengers 2. However, I think movies that make you "think" and "wonder" about "things to come" are better.


@nomad... Chappie would have been an outstanding movie if there had not been so much bad language. I think all that cursing destroyed the awesome idea they were trying to convey about A.I. I was actually sorry that I took the kids to see it.

On another note....I thought the design of the robot was terrific! I hope I live long enough to see robots of this caliber.



i agree to.i dont like the cursing in movies.also why they kill robots always. i do like the design to.


LOL another film for "Inspiration" (ie copy from).


wow atlas has come quite a long ways since he was created, it looks like japans Honda Asimov is about to have a bit of competition on his/her hands lol


you can by asimo.cost 500.000 euro


You can do some pretty cool stuff when the funds are unlimited. :)


Ex Machina is the best robo movie I've seen lately. I like Automata but too dramatic. Chappie had so many plot holes but I enjoyed it. I love Neil Blomkamp's tech. I love District 9 the most of his work.



looks real cool movie.i wanna see it.



Yes it's very good. See it.

I also looked at your list of robot prices...Why no JD Ez-Robot?

I seriously think EZ-Robot needs a powerful publicist. Any business should devote at least 20% of their annual gross on advertising. So much potential here overlooked by lack of media exposure. I hope they're doing more to push their awesome tech? people still think EZ-b is a toy! They couldn't be anymore wrong.;)


its not my list.but indeed your wright.i know jd robot is better then the, most on that list.something for dj to think about that.



I'm not trying to be a know-it-all...I'm quite sure @Dj is aware of would be awesome to see EZ Robot on big conventions like SXSW or even SD Comic Con? Is there plans for that?


i have no idea about that,am very newbie.


Ex Machina a fantastic film! Highly recommended. Once again we walk down the road of robot ethics. There is actually a position at MIT for AI ethics....interesting.


Im always in for a good killer robot movie !


really good film! thanks for the posting.


Your welcome I really loved this movie so it is only far that I share this film with my ez-robot community members I'm glad u enjoy this film