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Best Apps For Inmoov Robot

Hi, I just purchased my ezb for my Inmoov robot. I don't really know how to use ezb that much but will learn! I'm here to ask for the best apps to use with Inmoov (that are for the ezb obviously :)) so please post links.

Thank you


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Your best option is to write your own custom scripts. There are a lot of members here that have Inmoov projects loaded on the ez cloud. Download them to see how they are controlling their robots.
Is it possible to look up inmoov in the apps. Because I try that and they come up with only the ones made by ez b
No, you need to browse through members projects. Access them through ARC.
Don't worry, someone with an inmoov will jump in and explain more:)

The only challenge with sharing apps for custom robots is the servo port configuration and the servo alignments.

This means that if your left shoulder is connected to port d3 and the app is expecting it to be d12, that will cause problems

Also, regarding servo alignment. If 90 degree servo position is different on yours than the app, it would cause interesting challenges.

Jut don't worry, it's a lot easier to use than you may think. You don't even need to write scripts. You can have the inmoov working with speech recognition, vision and movements without even touching the keyboard!

The first place to start is connecting the servos and loading the Auto Position control to your project. The Auto Position lets you create animations.

Once you have animations, you can link them to speech recognition commands using the cheat sheet.

Here's where to start with auto position: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=180
Ok! Thank you for helping I will definitely create animations and everything just like you said.
@3dfixer, go tot the EZ Cloud App store, then click on the arrow beside everyone, then scroll down to bhouston and click on that. My InMoov project is there. Keep in mind what DJ said about the servos calibrations and connections. Your servos will be set up different from mine so don't just run a code - it will won't be good! But it will show you how to get things going. I do most of my positioning with the Auto Position Control so have a look at that.
Just as Bob said above you can look through the app store and find mine too under Perry_S.
You will not use these wholesale but they will help you configure your own.
You may want to start a thread on your build and pose questions in there. I did it that way and you can see the progress from MyRobotLab to EZB

Ok, I’ll create a thread after I figure out ARC and play around with bhoustons app
You can also click on the names of perry_s and bhouston to view their profile. All their apps are listed in their profile:)