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Benq S6 Tablet Pc, 4.8, Xp, Wifi, Bt - $60 - 24H Sale

Ultimate EZ-Robots Computer? I just bought 2! Sale ends saturday 11:59pm eastern time, unless they sellout 1st. I'm not associated with dailysteals, just a satisfied customer over multiple purchases.

BenQ S6 Tablet PC with 4.8" Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, MicroSD Slot and Windows XP @

Condition: New Packaging: Retail Warranty: 1 Year Brand: BenQ Model: S6

Product Features: . 802.11b/g Wi-Fi . 2G - 900/1800/1900 & 3G - 2100 . 2GB SSD + Expandable MicroSD card slot . 512MB RAM . 4.8" touchscreen . Supports programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint . Intel Atom 800MHz processor . Mini USB port . Bluetooth 2.0 . 2.5mm headphone out . 3-axial G-sensor

What You Get: . BenQ S6 MID Tablet . (2) Stylus . Mini USB to USB Adapter (lets you plug in USB devices) . AC Adapter . Headphones . Case


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Very interesting. I grabbed two as well. Does it run ARC or normal Windows apps? what about speech recognition?


AFAIK Atom processors are all x86, so it should run ARC fine & alot of normal windows programs. 800Mhz could limit ARC's Camera features I suppose, we'll just have to see. Remember ARC doesn't support voice recognition on XP, but text2speech should work.


Anybody wanna buy a w500 acer win8 tablet? I looked up the CPU the c50 in the w500 has a 460 benchmark , the 800mhz atom in this benq was 164 benchmark , so its very slow.


I wonder if it will run a USB cam or not


I'm sure it would run , but there's no usable USB ports , only the mini for plugging it up to a bigger computer to transfer files. If you did get one to work it would be like 8 to 10 frames per second on low resolution , honestly a iPhone may do a better job.


It does have a USB port. It comes with an adaptor that turns the mini-usb port into a normal USB (host) port. An Iphone can't run ARC.


Haha, the description:

I was preparing a dinner of tacos and beef squares when a stranger crashed through my kitchen window in a panic.
"It's the internet!!! Run!!!" he screamed before running past me. For a second, I could only stare at him.
". The internet? Not that!"
Sometime in the late 90s, the internet started to become an unstable entity designed to crush all of humanity. It seemed now that it was all too late and there was nothing more we could do.
"I can do something about it!" said a voice. I turned to see the BenQ S6 MID Tablet.
"I am the original mobile internet device," it continued. "I'm capable of harnessing the power of the internet and controlling it!"
The BenQ S6 went into action and did exactly what it said it would. Everyone emerged from their hiding spots and cheered.
"I also have Windows XP!" it announced, to even heartier applause.



so.....whats the over all feel for this.....good for ezb or not really?


I think it has potential for small autonomous robot, don't expect it to run the full potential of ARC but $60 for a fully functional computer, can't beat it, even if it doesn't work, it can be used as video player says in your robot's chest:) and you can always sell it back on eBay :)


Seems the description has changed, the OS is now listed as Linux instead of XP. Don't know if they ran out of ones with XP & are now selling ones with Linux, or they were wrong at 1st. But I know how to put/fit XP on it, I'll provide a tutorial on how if you get the Linux.


Ok that sounds good. Thanks. How soon do they ship? I get an email said ship in 5-6 days?


5-6days is their norm, so expect about 2weeks to your door.


I'm betting it was a mistake to begin with , oh o would like to get $325 for my w500 lightly used tablet


damn, thats a pretty good price....justa little broke...hope someone pfrom here icks it up


I found the XP drivers today, about 440MB worth... And a stripped down XP via nlite can be as small as 350MB, so it'll be an easy fix if it was a mistake. The required hardware is a powered USB hub, a USB CD or DVD drive, plus a USB keyboard & mouse.

#17, where do i get it? good thing ARC is only around 9MB :), wondering if the hdd is upgradable or is it embedded? I know there is a microSD slot, wonder if it can take a 32GB microSDHC.


Drivers are in a 4 part RAR file, download all 4 files to same folder, then open part1 with WinRAR or 7-zip. Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Well it's official, I just got this by email: "Thank you for shopping with! We are writing this email to inform you of an error that we discovered on the listing for the BenQ S6 Tablet PC. There are 2 versions of software on this item and the one we have for sale is the Linux based Operating system and not the Windows XP Operating system. The difference will not affect the functionality of the product but we felt it was important to notify our customers of this error. At this point, we'd like to offer you 2 options:

We understand that this situation will undoubtedly cause you a great inconvenience and for that we'd like to offer you 2 options that we feel will rectify this unfortunate situation:

Option A- You can keep your order as is and it will be shipped out within the 6 business day time frame.

Option B- You can cancel your order and receive a full refund.

Please use the link below to make your selection:"

I choose A btw & bought 2 more, cause I'm 99% positive I can get XP on it. And if not, they go for good money on eBay.


Thanks man...I just got the same email, im keeping my order for sure I got things planned even if it doesn't work for ARC very well :). So you ordered 4?

I thought ARC will work with speech reg. if you install speech reg. patch on XP, which some people did get it to work.


I called that one , lol I thought there was a error


Yup, ordered 4 total. The extras I plan to use as SIP phone intercoms.


If someone actually manages to get win 7 on one of these guys I would gladly buy one:) ndavid if you do it I would gladly compensate you.


That'd be awesome if you can get Win 7 on it :)

How about instruction to get XP drive on it? when you get the time. Thanks.


Win 7 Netbook Edition works on it I hear & includes the required drivers... But I don't think 7 can be shrunk to fit on the 2GB SSD these particular ones come with (XP is hard enough to shrink that far), would have upgrade that.


but is the SSD upgradeable or is it embedded? can't find much info on these. What about using a microSD Class 10?


I think i will cancel my order, i read that I have to reflash the firmware before doing the XP upgrade, too much hassle, even then it probably run very slow like Josh said. I'm saving it for a mini itx board for better speed and can actually runs Windows 7, i want speech reg and all.


Can you point me to where you read that? I'd appreciate!


Took 20min to download that 37MB 7zip file and seems to contain the bios & dos installer combo file they all were talking about here:

Also found this thread: that talks about the inside, like the WAN modem is a standard half height mini-pci-e card, the SSD is a 35pin ZIF module connecting via a ribbon cable to a 40pin connector on the mainboard, & the RAM is soldered in.

The guts!

Overclocking to 1Ghz:


That's great, the lack of speed reg is what got me lost interest, glad they give a chance to cancel, hope they work good for you though. I think i'd be better off using mini itx board for embedded pc. Thanks for the all help and infos!


No prob, glad to be of service! I'm mostly just considering them as Raspberry PIs, but with Wifi, Bluetooth, a screen, & a processor that can run an OS & programs I know well.