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Hi guys, I apologize in advance if this is a repeat post. I tried posting it once, but not seeing it. Im having an issue with trying to setup a Ping Sensor and a Servo. I see the post about batteries and current, and just wondering if the ones im using will be ok, or not so much:( I have Energizers 2000 mah rechargeable batteries.
My problem is once i select the servo, it moves a few degrees, then disconnects the EZ B 4. In another post i found "You need a lipo, li-Ion, NiMh or NiCad battery pack" As part of a similar issue, from Richard R, and no mention of mah. Should i ditch these batteries for a pack, im guessing its a good choice anyway, but just curious if this could be the cause of the problem.


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If the servo is drawing a lot of current then you will need a decent battery. If the battery voltage is low it will need recharging or a higher voltage. There are many things to consider when choosing a power source.

Personally I always advise LiPo batteries as I know they can provide enough current for most applications. Sealed Lead Acid are another choice however are old technology, heavy, big and not as efficient as LiPo or LiIon


Then LiPo it is! lol Thanks so much Rich! These are also about a year old and have been used quite a bit in photography flashes, so im sure there not even up to new standard.


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