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Battery Question For Dj

i want to control multiple servos and sensors (6-8 ports) with the ez-b

i don't planning on running it for more than about half an hour

and only have two options to choose from for the battery

should i take 12v 5amps or
6v 7amps


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The 6v battery. Because the.ezb has a 5v regulator anything more is wasted off as heat. There are.6v batteries at 12 ah that are small and weight 4 pounds. If your servos.produce.more than 55 ounce.inch.of torque or high speed digital I recommend powering servos directly from your 6v power source. Any servo that says it has high torque or ultra torque for sure feed the the power directly from your 6v battery.
well most of the 6v batteries i see either has really bad reviews or is very expensive, do you know any good deals for $15 or less (small school project -- have to leave room for the charger)

JSTARNE1 -- don't have many supplies, so i can't break/separate the wires to power directly (have to power it from the ez-b) ---- thanks for the info though, maybe in future projects
I can recommend a couple batteries for you wallekid1. I don't know what toy you are modifying or area you have for your battery so I can recommend a couple size batteries. Take review a with a grain of salt it's best to always ask for recommendations rather than a list of.complaints =)

Power sonic is a brand I preffered when I worked for Shields electronics , long shelf life , avg standby service life 5 yrs, avg cyclic service life 3 yrs.

User-inserted image

Power sonic 6v 12ah 3 to 5 yrs service life

User-inserted image
The 6v 12ah battery had shipping but there are several auctions w buy it now that were 15 to 20 and free shipping

The first battery 6v 4.5 ah fits your budget well and should give you the runtime.if not close.to a hour running 6 servos. It is 11 dollars shipped and model number is.ub645
United Kingdom
Hey Josh,

Quick question on these batteries. How would one go about charging them? Can you recommend a charger to with them?

Many thanks

@wallekid1 Hello and welcome.

If you are handy with a soldering iron and don't mind modifying your board (NOTE: no warranty if you make a mistake!) there is an another option to get external power feeding into some of the digital ports (D0 - D14). Check out what I did to accommodate that. External power mod

You only need to cut the trace and supply 6v to the EXT PWR inputs (beside D14)... the jumper option is optional so I could go back and forth between external and internal power (Never try both with jumper in place :))