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Battery Question

Sorry for inconvenience. I just received my order , but I have a problem in using the developed kit. I charged the battery but there is a problem in the operating. No detection for any power. I am waiting for your support.


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Did the green light go out on the balance charger after charging? Have you measured the voltage with a multimeter on the power connection? Have you measured the voltage with a multimeter on the balance plug?

If so, can you let us know the voltages. If not, could you test the voltage and let us know? This will help determine if it's a warranty issue or if it's a user problem etc.


The developer kit doesn't have a rechargeable battery included. It used 6 aa batteries. There are instructions in the Learn section on connecting your battery. Did you find the instructions?


I am sure that the voltage is stable 220 v . I am sure that the plug is ok. I was waiting until the battery which in the body of ez robot is charged and the green light is off but when I connect the battery ( the body) no response. No power. No any thing. thank u


What EZ Robot is your battery inside of ? Do you have Voltmeter - (Multimeter)?

What battery are your charging ?


The battery is inside the body . Idon't know what its kind is. But it should be charged and I did but no power


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From your video, it looks like you may have been charging the battery with the power switch on. Please very carfully review the Learn Section for Battery Care and Charging I do believe your issues will be resolved if you follow that lesson.

Also, you stated you have the developer kit, but it does appear that you do have the JD robot kit. Please makes sure you also review all of the JD Lessons in the Learn Section.

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Have you measured the voltage with a multimeter on the power connection (the red plug which is accessible when you remove the EZ-B) or across Vcc and Ground of any digital port when switched on? Have you measured the voltage with a multimeter on the balance plug?

By checking the above we can find out where the problem lies, or at least we can get a little closer.


Could you please send me sample images or vedio to check the charging of the battary to ensure that i am testing with the valid scenarios because i am sure that the battery charging level is not 0 as the green led is off in the second time charging. I think the main issue is how to check the output of the battary device



In the back of the JD body, there is a power plug that has two connectors that you plug the EZ-B v4 into them. You have to check the voltage between these two connectors, it has to be about 7.4 - 8 V DC. To do this follow these steps:

1-Charge the battery

2- with the EZ-B v4 not plugged in, turn the switch on.

3- Measure the voltage between these two connectors. BE careful that each test probe of the voltmeter is only touching one connector and they are not touching each other (Do not short circuit the two connector together).

4- If the voltage is zero, this means that the 20 A fuse inside the body is blown out and has to be changed.

May be you need to open the body of the robot. There is four screws that you need to unscrew. Inside the body there is a 20A fuse. This fuse may be broken and has to be replaced.

When you open the body try to memorize how the parts inside it are arranged inside it, this will help you when you reassemble the body.