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Batt Harnas Wire Here In Store

howmany current can this wire have?


batt harnas


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Here is a chart that should help.

User-inserted image
hi rz90208

thanks for the chard.i dont have the batt harnas wire.
hey justin

i fix the link.i have wires they are 2.5 amp.just wondering if the ones here,
in store can have more current.

wire ebay
You want to know if what wires in the EZ-Robot store can handle how much current? How much current do you want to push (*correction - draw) through them? How much do you think they can handle?
howmuch current goes thru the wire excample with an jd ?
@JustinRatlif.... Current is drawn not pushed... Devices pull or draw current form their power source.... The amount available is based on how much the power source can deliver... Fuses protect against too much current being drawn from the power source... This also protects wiring as depending on the gauge can only handle a specific amount of current...
@RichardR - Thank you for correcting my verbiage