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Availability By December


I am using this to complete a required project by April.
I need to be certain about the distribution of this product by December. I have not made any purchases previously and that puts me in a little bit of dilemma whether to rely on the order I am about to put through or not.

Could the previous members enlighten me about the delivery issues if they've had any. One thing I and group members can't have is delayed delivery which may put our project in jeopardy.


United Kingdom
I've never had an issue with delivery, in fact delivery was very quick for me in the past.

Pre-orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis. Pre-orders will be dispatched between 14th November and 1st December roughly. If you need it for early December then you will need to get your pre-order in quickly, even that may not guarantee delivery for early December.

As I'm sure you are aware and have seen, demand for the V4 is very high.

If you are concerned about the delivery date you could use the Contact Us page to send the EZ-Robot team an email and get their confirmation of an expected delivery date.
We are accepting pre-orders now to fulfill the demand of requests we've been receiving. Since we announced the features of Revolution, we have received thousands of emails asking for availability. Because we want people to have theirs by Christmas, we are accepting pre-orders now on first-come-first-serve basis. There is a limited number of units we can manufacture by December - that means we are selling now for those who need it by then.

The prices posted are pre-sale discounts and will be higher after December.

We will take the sale page off-line once we have sold the quota.:) So right now, if you purchase you will get it in December:D
@ankit1 , Hi Welcome to the EZ Robot community!

I understand that there may be time constraints on your projects. Is there a specific time you need them by? Are you doing a project for a show or competition? In the past once the deal was worked out with DHL and international shipping the kits were arriving around 3-4 business days. It's always best to plan for the worse case scenario as far as timeline but hope for the best.:) Lets say if Armageddon happens and your kits don't ship till the 6th and then arrive 12-16 is that an acceptable timeframe? Definitely use the Contact Us link Rich posted if you are making a bulk /multikit order as maybe they could give it some special attention. In any event you won't be disappointed!
@Rich thank you for the insight.

@DJ Sures I guess I'll file the order with the university to get few of these units. Hopefully the clearance comes out before the quantities disappear.

@jstarne1, THANKS!:D

I am doing this for a final year engineering project that we have to deliver by April. Its all towards the Geomatics Engineering side of it. Budget is also a constraint so I'll have to follow up on the order while minimizing the shipping costs.

Thanks a lot for your inputs.

- Ankit