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Autorepeat In ARC Designer

Hello; Brand new to EZ Robots. Still waiting for my JD kit to arrive. In the mean time I have been using the ARC software to design modifications I am planning to experiment with. It's been going great but there seems to be no autorepeat working for the mouse. I have to click the mouse every time to make the slightest part movement in the designer software module. That gets tedious, especially when in the fine adjusting mode with the part enlarged many times. Is this normal? Or is there some sort of setting to get the autorepeat to work so I don;t have to press the mouse key hundreds of times? I tried to use the online help, but all that did was take me to the tutorials. Is there an actual help somewhere for the software? Thanks in advance.

Bill S.


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Every time you see a "?" in ARC it will take you to online help for that particular control or script..... It's very extensive... As far as your problem is concerned, I am not quite understanding what you mean.... Do you have a screenshot of the issue you can post?


If you are talking about adjusting servo positions, you can left click and drag up or down and it will scroll through the positions. Or, you can right click, you will get a drop-down where you can scroll down and select the value you are going for, rather than clicking up or down one position at a time.

If you are talking about something else, then like Richard R said, please provide more details so we know what are are describing.


Welcome to the forum! As Richard mentioned, there is a popup when you load the software instructing you to use the ? Question mark buttons for help. There's hundreds of videos associated with controls for assistance. The tutorial section also has a message about the ? Question mark button. You won't find another robot product with as much information and help as we provide - it's astonishing how much information we have if you use the appropriate help buttons or tutorials.

You did mention finding the tutorials, however did you read any of them?

If you could, it would be helpful to know where else you would like to see the window information presented about using the ? Question mark buttons. 1 out of 500 or so, like yourself, dismiss the information Window about the ? Question mark buttons. It would be helpful to know how to help the 1 out of 500 users.

As for your question, I don't know what you mean by "designer" and "auto repeat". if you could give us the title of the window or control? Or if you could provide a screen shot or description of where you're having trouble?

Please provide information so someone can help :)


Thank you all for your replies. There is nothing to show as such. What I am referring to concerns moving the "camera" in the ARC Designer program (which is amazing). At the top of the designer screen are buttons for this purpose (Camera-Up, Down, Left, Right Zoom In etc.). To get a response and move the camera around or zoom in and out. I have to click the button again and again. This, as opposed to simply holding the mouse button down and having it effectively press the on screen button over and over. This is especially problematic when I have the scene zoomed in a lot, which I often do to locate the connectors of the objects precisely.


Thanks for the resolution credit, but we haven't solved your issue yet... And I am still lost.... Are you talking about the virtual robot assembly guides? Are you sure you can't grab a screen shot of where you are in ARC and post it here? .... If you are talking about the camera control itself, I wasn't aware of the ability of being able to zoom in and out with the ezb4 camera... Have I missed this feature?

Is this where you are? User-inserted image


@Richard R The screen shot you showed is the program to which I am referring, thanks. At the top of the picture there is a group of buttons (rectangles) under the title "Camera." The buttons are labled Up, Down, Left, Right, etc. These buttons are used to move the objects in the window in the directions indicated as well as zooming the image (the collection of connected objects making up the robot being designed) in and out. When I put my mouse cursor over one of the buttons and click the mouse, the image moves in the direction indicated by the button label a small amount. To move it a bit more I have to click the button again, and so on until the image has moved to the position I desire it to be. Same with zooming in and out. This results in my having to click the mouse button many, many times. In most programs you can simply hold the mouse button down and, after a second or two delay, the mouse will go into autorepeat mode which will usually have the same effect as if I clicked the mouse over and over. This is much the same as autorepeat on a keyboard if you hold a key down.

An alternative method is to use the keyboard autorepeat by holding the appropriate arrow key down. Unfortunately, the arrow keys on the keyboard do not seem to have any effect in the Designer program.


@WBS00001 Ok, then yes one click at a time for now... You have to understand you are not really going to be using this part of the software very much. You have only scraped the surface of ARC and ez robot.... Once you get into the actual programming segment of ARC you won't remember that one click issue was ever an issue in the first place... :D

Finish your design and check out the rest of ARC... if you're blown away now, wait until you what ARC can do....


Ok, thank you. I had hoped there might be something I was overlooking. Guess not. Still the Designer is a great program. I have come up with several variations on the basic design I was after and found several problems I would not have seen without looking at the assembled robot. That has led to new and interesting variations on the same theme. I look forward to actually trying them. Assuming Stemfinity will get on the ball. Unlike you folks, they have yet to show my purchase as shipped or respond to a question I had that I sent via email. Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Sorry I was so vague before. Anyway, I'll close this out then. Well, as soon as I find the thing to do that again. Don't see it at the moment.

Oh yeah, and I have already seen what the program can do with my Parrot drone. Amazing!


I am sure you'll get your JD soon.... We all like to have our stuff... like yesterday... LOL. Especially when robot stuff is involved.... Just in case you have to cancel your order with Stemfinity ... Brookstone now sells ez robot and of course you can always order here in the ez robot online store... :)



i notest wbs talks alot about the mous.could it be his mous settings are not, set correctly for ARC.

User-inserted image


Yes, I was originally going to order it from Brookstone but they didn't have a very good selection of additional parts. There were a number of additional parts I needed to make my vision of JD (and it's possible variations). Stemfinity has a great selection. Like Brookstone, Stemfinity had free shipping as well, so ...

That's why I have been all over the Designer program. It helped me satisfy my burning desire to have my robot NOW! Usually I'm patient about mail order stuff, but not this time.



yeach waiting can be hard.ones chipped they are very rapidly at your door.


@WBS00001 I believe Brookstone will be adding additional accessories as time goes on... If you do order from here, just be aware all items are drop shipped from China... Actual shipping (after processing your order) takes less than a week usually... There will be a shipping fee, however...