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Auto Position Control Window Rename

Hi,   I am having a brain fart and can't remember how to rename an Auto Position window? I've done in the past but just can't seem to do it.   


#6   — Edited
I'm using the latest.                   Version 2019.03.11.00   
I was excited to use the new Auto Position feature. It's pretty cool.
United Kingdom
I’m using Scripts in my InMoov rather than using the Auto Position control.
You can select in the code the EZ-B controller number, so didn’t need to use the new Auto Position controller to use more than one EZ-B controller.
Looks like the new Auto Position is missing that option. I’ll add it for next beta release
@ Cem,  Yes I did(do) the scripting too but I love the simple complexity of the new auto position.   
@Dj , thank you Mr. Sures!
This has been resolved in the latest release of both stable and beta
Perfect. Much appreciated.  Downloading now!