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Auto Startup

How does one create a script to self start the robot program? It must load the file, connect to the comm port in use, and then start the program. It should have a time delay upon startup to allow someone to abort the auto startup.

What do you think DJ?


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That doesn't currently exist but we'll add it to the list:)


I like that , I like that idea a lot , excellent for autonomous and unsupervised projects.


Indeed a very interesting feature ! I'm also looking forward to hear more from this.


Until DJ adds the function, take a look at autohotkey. You should be able to automate the process.




Right on thetechguru,

Autohotkey may also like EventGhost...two great FREE must have automating programs!




I downloaded autohotkey and am playing with it. Still learning how to use it. My time is limited right now, but DJ can add the feature much cleaner I suspect.


Oh yes this would be a great feature for autonomous and unsupervised projects. How much to bump this up to the top of the list.


The code behind ARC and the sdk is very complex. it requires scheduling of specific features to prevent my brain from melting. items are added to the list near similar items or items which touch the same code. with 1,000's of features in the software, only certain areas of code are touched per release to make beta testing easy.

it's in the list, not far away:)

patience is a virtue:D


Well we would not want the father of our robots having a melt down, take your time and keep sending us those amazing features. I GOT MY KIT TODAY this is going to be a fun weekend.:D


i made a few codes to autostart,so i think it will work with EZB