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Auto Position And Ssc-32 Servo Release

I have touch on a similar subject in a previous post about using "Servo Release" using the virtual commands, to which a way of doing this has not been found.

So I thought I would try the Auto Position control today, and used the virtual ports and set up some servos connected to an SSC-32U. On the digital ports in the Auto Position control, 0 releases the servos from their holding position fine. But I found that using 0 or -1 using virtual ports still hold the servos position.

So two question.

1.) Could a "0" servo release command be added to the Auto Position control to act the same way as the digital ports?

2.) I received an email from RobotShop which said the following...


Sending position 0 to your SSC-32U for any channel will cancel movement for that channel and also stop sending a signal (i.e.: releasing that servo motor).

For example, to stop/release a servo motor on channel #5, you would send: #5P0 <cr>.

What would be the EZ-Script command to perform the above mentioned #5P0 <cr> command using UARTWrite? (There should be no space between #5P0 and <cr> . This was done because of forum formatting).


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In regards to question 2 in the post above, here's what I use to move servos with scripts which I got from RR's tutorial...

$pos = &quot;P1450&quot; 
 $m_speed = &quot;S700&quot; 

I don't see how I should convert the #5P0 <cr> servo release command mentioned above in the above post to an EZ Script command like the one above.


i'll take a look at the ssc-32 control for releasing a servo

but for our ez-script, just change the code to S0 instead of S700

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Okay, thanks DJ. I'll try changing the 700 to 0 as well.

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Easy when you now how;).

Putting the zero in place of the sevo positions worked great, and does indeed release the servo. I had a feeling that's what needed to be done and thought I did that a few weeks back, but realise I thing I changed the speed by accident instead (I have a tendency of doing that recently), but after Richards warning about dropping a servos position to anything under 500 of over 2500 could potentially burn out a servo out, I was a little cautious as I only have one spare servo left, so wanted to be sure.

Anyway, many thanks. At least E4-B4 (and any future robots) will be a lot quieter now (buzz buzz).:)

Thanks again.