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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Auto Position

In 'Auto Position' can the servo position number in a Frame be displayed with
the value in the 'hundreds' units. example: Displaying 100 rather than just 10.

I know you can click on the servo box number and look at the pull-down table
for all the values between 0 & 180, but it actually only displays up to the 'tens'

I've included a screen print, hopefully to make sense?

User-inserted image


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You mean position 100 instead of position 10? Of course... Servos attached to the ezb4 can go from 1 to 180 ... This roughly represents degrees of travel... Maybe I am not understanding what you mean?

Grab the green arrows and drag the servo value to 100...
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The values over 100 are displayed correctly. If they are not being shown you have an issue with your resolution.

This lesson in the learn section explains about the resolution.
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Thanks Rich, yes it was the text size on my 12" laptop, trouble is to get it to display 100 the text has to be very small, and for my eyes it hard to see. I'm getting old! :)