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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet & Ez-B

Hi Guys,

I currently have a Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet. http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_Pad/Eee_Pad_Transformer_TF101/

User-inserted image

I would like to use it to control my Ez-b Ccontroller instead of using my laptop. Am I able to do this?

If so, how? could someone provide my a tutorial on to connect.



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Hey there....right now you are limited with Android to:

1. Web Browser based control using ARC server capabiltiy
2. Remote Desktop Application control (using Splashtop or something like that) to control ARC
3. Eventghost Application or some other app that can execute a client server type communication to your ARC PC via TCP/IP.

All the options above work a bit differently.

I have a simple TCP/IP python script that works with Eventghost that can execute commands if you are interested in that.

I believe DJ was working on some other stuff but don't know where that is right now..


Splashtop is really good I use it all the time for lots of different things the only downside is you have to have your computer on but it works well and I have the same model tablet so you shouldn't have any issues.

Get you a w500 tablet instead , that was my last tablet , its a nice one , I bought it when it just came out , pricy
Algeraist, did you buy the full verison app or the lite? Also is it real easy to install on the Wee Pad and connect to my pc? I'm thinking about buying the full version .


Nevermind, I got things working....its working great!!! thanks
Glad it's working but to answer your question I bought the full app - well worth the money.

If you buy the full HD app you can also download the SD app for free on your phone. That is if your phone can't handle the HD app which mine can't.

The SD app works great on my HTC desire - I've even used it over 3g but you need a good signal or it drops out - As to be expected

The number one reason I like this app is there's no need to port forward like you have to with other remote desktops and I think it will also work if you have a dynamic ip.

Simiply add you google account to the box running the splashtop listening cilent and your can remote in from anywhere in the world. (not quite sure how this works to be honest)

@Algeraist, it uses Google Talk to establish the connection, so works from virtually everywhere except behind some corporate firewalls (like mine, dammit...).

This has been discussed on some other threads about Android devices. The built in web server in ARC doesn't work particularly well with browsers prior to Android 4. It used to not work at all except for the movement panel. A recent update helped, but Splashtop is still a better solution right now.

The Android 4 Browser (and any browser that shares its engine, which is essentially all of them....) works fine though.

Hmmmmmm.... problem..... I have the Ez-B Controller running . I have the brookstone rover tank connected to WIFI and connected to the EZ-B and then I try to connect "Splashtop" to the WiFi network, automatically drops the Brookstone Rover connection and vice versa.......Do I need to port forward the Splashtop port? or just enable a setting in the Wifi config?
By the way, independently things are working great....Ez-B with rover = fun.... Ez-B with Splashtop = very cool