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I've been scanning around YouTube and seen some R2D2s using the "A_____o" boards and/or Yost Eng servo controller. Seems to me that the EZ-B is just what they need. Do the R2D2 enthusiasts know about how much more simple DJs board and software is? Maybe DJ needs some face time on the board,:D


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for reals!, I tried looking up the jedi light control. forget about it! and thats just the dome lights...



I'm on Astromech's daily.

I total ditched my J.E.D.I. system (I kept the display controller for dome) and switched to over to the EZ-B. The J.E.D.I. was simply too complicated and support wasn't the greatest.

For some reason they have it in their head that an "autonomous" RD-D2 is dangerous. lol

I would promote it but sometimes the "snobbery of thought" over there it's just not worth the hassle.

My R2 which is approx. 250lbs will be fully controlled via the EZ-B. I have him setup to work on voice command and Wii remote.

I also built in a magnetic pull "fail-safe" if he should happen to go rogue on me.

Let them play with their Arduino's and such! :D



Was wondering if you used scooter motors for your R2D2? If so, do they move that much weight easy? I am trying them in my new robot and a little unsure about exactly how much weight they can move around.

Sorry to hijack this tread guys!


I'm using the "surplus" version of the 12V NPC motors. I don't think the scooter motors can handle a full aluminum build. I think the scooters motors work best with A&A/Wood/Styrene builds.


oh damn, im just building the hasbro artoo, but i did figure out how to make him do the 3-2-3 dance....middle leg lifts inward.


@lumpy R2 doesn't have to be fully autonomous.

@hoolagen1 I'd like to see that dance.


I know that! They fear things they don't understand! :D


Ah Lumpy, once they see your design they may give it a second look. Maybe peruse the website here and change their mind. There use to be a guy here that...let's say...he was less than enthusiastic about the EZ-B. He didn't realize the potential until after time on the forums and seeing other people's projects. He now has purchased a few EZ-Bs and started projects of his own. My point is just put the bug in their ear and maybe they will poke around here and see what DJ's awesome product can do.


Lol I hear ya.

I'll be bringing R2 back into the house for some more tinkering and programming. I had him back in the garage for a dome gear upgrade.

I'll try to make some vids to post over at Astromech as I progress along.

  • Periscope Code is done. Disco Disco!
  • Sabertooth 2x25 motor control is done.

Next up - Working on scripting for dome control (Syren10) Mounting new holo eye control panels for Wii control and randomness

Skip to 2:50 if not interested in assembly.

Dang dome is going to weigh 20lbs.:)


Looking good! Did you make those parts as well?

I wonder if the "snobbery" might be due to the amount of money and effort they spent on their projects. Making things cheaper and easier (i.e. EZ-B) would somehow devalue their efforts? I wouldn't think so. Technology and practices develop over time but that can't be helped.