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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Assigning Servo On The Ez-B

Sorry but I'm not good at instruction. So how do you assign the servo on the pins of the EZ-B so that the software knows which ports is which. I'm a little bit confused of how it works though.


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@deuel18 ... After you have a look at what DJ posted you can try it out yourself... It is pretty straight forward, you don't have to do anything special... Below is a basic script command to move a servo to 90 on port D0 then move it to position 180 1 second later...


Servo(D0,90) #move the servo on D0 to position 90
sleep(1000) #pause for 1 second
Servo(D0,180) #move the servo on D0 to position 180

#etc... pretty simple...
the ezbv4 has colored pins.see pic.

User-inserted image

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