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Assembling Revolution Jd

I purchased a RevolutionJD yesterday, and I was up till the early hours in the morning putting it together ! I have three Questions Please. Firstly, some of the EZ-Bits do not make a "good" connection. I am afraid to force them together. Secondly, the wiring at the back of my robot is a bit "messy". What is the best way to make them more neat. Eg Cable ties ? Do you have a picture of wiring. Thirdly In the Revolution JD Assembly Instructions (Software) Step 3 (Sync for the EZ bits) , I cant get passed step 1 of 6. But I definitely have a internet connection Thanks , Ian


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  1. New EZ-Bits will be pretty stiff to push together but provided you don't go mad you shouldn't break them.

  2. Messy wiring is best tidied up with the supplied spiral wrap. There should have been a few small pieces of black plastic tube which is cut in a spiral, this simply wraps around wires to make it neater.

  3. Check your virus protection or other internet policies. Connection to the EZ-Bit repository should be fine (however I haven't checked for a while). Most of the time connection issues are due to firewall blocking access or anti virus blocking access/download. Disabling them temporarily or adding an exception for * should allow connection.


Additional answers to supplement Rich's correct answers.

  1. I do find that the rotation servos (not sure if JD actually uses any) need a slight modification to work well. They have a ridge around the screw hole on the make EZ-Bit that makes them so tight that once connected they can not be unconnected. I trim the ridge down with a razor blade before assembly. The normal lever servos are just tight, but a little wiggling and they go together and pull apart. You want them tight so the robot doesn't shake itself apart.

  2. If you didn't get enough spiral wrap, it is cheap. Here is the site for it at USA Amazon. I am sure it is available in South Africa either from Amazon or electronics retailers.

  3. I have nothing to add. Rich is probably correct that is is a firewall or AV issue.



A bit of input on

  1. I followed a similar path recently (and LOVE the system so far). If you watch some of the videos, you will see which way to route the wire out of the servos. Duplicate carefully. Then use the extensions down to the grippers. Finally, gather all wires for each arm separately and put a loop or two around them. Adjust as needed. I ended up putting a small loop in the extended ones to take up what seemed too much slack. I will add a photo later when I get home.

Use the stand up from back move to test your work... it was the worst for me for catching wires under feet or behind grippers.


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Thanks IanMachine, thetechguru and Rich for your help. I have my Revolution jd set up. Every thing is working as expected except getting it to stand up from the sitting position. The robot falls over. Any tips, please. Thanks.

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Have you calibrated JD? He requires calibration and fine tuning before he will work.

Tutorials for both are in the learn section. I highly suggest going through the lessons in the learn section. Your profile indicates that you haven't done any so far.

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Have you followed the servo calibration tutorials? Without seeing it, it sounds like one or some of the servos need some manual adjustment.

Calibration lessons


I've just seen that Rich posted the same time I did the the same infomation. As he suggested, it's recommended you follow and complete the tutorials. They are a lot of help. :)

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Many thanks Rich and Steve. Now, everything is working as expected. In future I must learn to read the manual. I am really enjoying the product. Ian

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Pleased you got JD working in the end. The learn section really is a valuable tool to refer back to, and reading through past threads using the "Keywords/Tag search" on the top of the forum home page are a great help too if you ever get stuck.

Anyway, enjoy JD. :)

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Many thanks Rich for your help. Sorry about this late response. Regards Ian.