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Asking About Ezb4

guys, i just want to ask because i never try to use EZB4 board is this like a microcontroller PIC that after programming i just upload the hex program and run it without using the computer/laptop?


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Nope, it's not like a PIC... You don't upload programs to the EZB... The computer has to be connected (via Wifi) to the EZB4 at all times... The program runs on the PC which in turn controls the EZB...

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Or android/ios devices. The PC is needed to make the project but it can be opened as an app on an Android or iOS device:)


Not like a pic, it is a pic. But Far more powerful!


How do you run zebra on iOS? Is it browser based? I would love to use my iPad mini to control a robot.


@yatakitombi, I hope you understand the power that this architecture gives your robot. If you think about it for a bit, you will see that the robot now is far more expandable than any other platform out there. Its level of knowledge potential now becomes anything that is on the internet. Its able to do far more than an arduino or any other controller because the processing power now becomes the computer that is built to handle a lot of processing. The robot connects via wifi, which allows it to be connected to from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Even better than the architecture is ARC. Most of the tools or programs that your robot would normally use are already developed and available for you to use for free. Additionally, there is a very powerful scripting engine that allows your robot to use these tools in very creative ways. If the ARC application doesn't have what you need, you can develop new apps for your robot using any of the .net programming languages using EZ-SDK. There are also some other languages available through some amazing development efforts that members of the community have worked on.

The best part of EZ-Robot is the community. You have access to thousands of people from all over the world who all have the same interests as you and are working on the same platform as you. This community is always very quick to respond with solutions to issues or questions that are posted.

I think that if you stop to think that the computer really could be anywhere in the world, controlling up to 5 EZ-B v4's in either multiple robots or on the same robot, you will begin to realize the potential of the platform.