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Are There Any Engineers With A Degree In This Forum

I need to ask a question about something
I know RICH will post or others will post .

I would like only please engineers answer this post.

I can stop others posting on this post ,but only hope a engineer only will answer it.

EDIT 3-19
Sorry guys forgot to ask what type of engineer i need help from
I need a electronic engineer like me to ask a question off the forum


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United Kingdom
I'll only reply because I don't see what relevance a degree has on anything. It doesn't immediately make you right if you have a degree and wrong if you don't. I have no degree in medicine but know if you shoot someone in the head they are going to die...

Ask the question, if someone knows the answer then they will post it, you know that.

FYI I am very qualified in a range of different fields, heck if I wanted to I could put a string of letters after my name (but I don't see the point). I have what's now the EDEXCEL ND in Electronic Engineering after graduating the School Of Electrical Engineering (funny thing, you can change that to "School Of Ginger" and then a very bad word... I digress) back in 1998. I didn't use it until about 6 months ago. It doesn't mean that I still know everything I learned. I also have various other pieces of paper saying how awesome I am in other fields, IOSH, MCAS, MCDST, EIEIO (that's one I got at McDonald's farm) and a whole bunch more. All of them mean nothing.
I stayed at a Holiday Inn once.... :D
DOUG will email you on the question i have
RICH didnt you say you dont have a degree in electronics and been while since you got into electronic
correct if i am wrong ,
Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Good Morning EZ-SDK-C# Coders !

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012's Solution Explorer References reporting that Roomba Tutorial-19 has NO EZ-B ?

What am I doing wrong ?

I found these links on the EZ-Forum by D.J. Sures:

By Right-Clicking and Opening Tutorial 19 - Roomba.csproj in EZ-SDK/C# Download, Roomba loaded into Visual Studio.

C:\Documents and Settings\Valued Customer\Desktop\ EZ-SDK\EZ-B SDK Windows\ EZ-SDK\C#\Tutorial 19 - Roomba.

By the time you get to Video 4, you can see the Custom Roomba Movement Panel open, and learn where some of Visual Studio's Controls are located !

Visual Studio 2012 trial software and language packs Links :


Tutorial 1: Create a Picture Viewer in C# - Video 1

Robot-Doc, Thanks For The Lead To Microsoft® Visual C#® 2012 (Step by Step) by John Sharp.

Has ANYONE Considered running a Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Class ON LINE, via VNC, TeamViewer, or Skype ?

Not for Free, but say $20 Per Hour Per Student ?

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)
having completed an electronic service training course many years ago

As a joke we were all given a cert with a large picture of a monkey

Over was written " Six Months ago I coudln't spell enguineer "
Under picture " Now I is one "

and no there is no mis spelling
United Kingdom
Fred, I wasn't pointing out what I have for reasons from the past, my point was similar to Bravia's in that a piece of paper means nothing really. Put it this way, I have qualifications up the wazoo but I have none for the job someone pays me to do for 40 hours a week...

My point is, none of it really means anything. Some people can know a lot without any qualifications, other very little despite qualifications.
IN engineering before you design anything you need to first read datasheets and then understand the data and then apply to your design.

ON the paper you say it doesnt meen anything it does,you dont get the job without it.

JUST because some people can know alot ,doesnt meen they might know more then a engineer or they would get the job then you.

Just most dont know what LUX meens or what RDS meens or other words thats used in engineering
to design a circuit you need to understand them.

I design very highly advance circuit designs
DOUG i dont know much about about programming ,sorry
RICH is one you need for that .

if you are into ROOMBA'S a great book is "hacking roomba " by Tod E. Kurt

IT has a lot of info and codes and great for schools to learn about a good robot platform.

amazon has good prices on it
BACK to my post,still looking for a engineer for offline answer to my question,
DOUG wasent the engineer i was looking for my question

SO if any engineers are out there leave me you email address
Well I don't have my degree yet, but I'm a (mechanical) engineering student,
my specialties are mechanics and CAD design (Solid Works / Autodesk Inventor), I can also get a
long way with thermal/fluid dynamics.

It might be usefull to know what type of engineer you are looking for, people associate a lot of different disciplines with engineering. E.g. software-, electrical-, mechanical engineering, it's a widely used word.
Looking for electronic engineer like me ,for a idea off the forum
I am also good at mechanical engineering only no degree

i guess i forgot to ask for electrical engineer in my posts "my bad "
I know of a good electronics engineer but he is not on the forum i found him on youtube
MIGHT HELP ,i did ask another person in another big club i am in for answer to my question
IF HE IS free and you have his email can give him a try ,thanks WOLFIE
All i have is a link to his youtube channel
i have been watching his vids for some time lots of good ones have been meening to post afew on here
Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer.
i dont have it but could get it im sure i seen it on his youtube profile somewhere
that message about email was for DANGER comment
i sent a message you the youtube guy WOlFIE